Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Link Worth Visiting,..

I don't usually update twice in a week, but recently came across a site that all men and all women should visit called the Porn Effect.  You can access this site here.  I've blogged about the dangers of pornography before and its a subject that is all too often avoided by priests, pastors or any religious figure for that matter.  You want a thesis,..well here's a thesis,.."PORNOGRAPHY DESTROYS PEOPLE, TURNS WOMEN INTO PLAYTHINGS AND EMASCULATES MEN!"  I will be putting it into my 'Links' section as well.  We all struggle with it, and right now its an epidemic.  Back in the eighties you could throw it away but with the internet,..a whole other story. 

St Maria Goretti,...Ora Pro Nobis.

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