Monday, October 3, 2011

Yup,.We are Right on Track!

So England has lost its mind.  It's official, been brewing for some time now but last week's incident has to be the most absurd news story ever covered.  Actually it took me longer than a week to process it.  The leftist elitist shit disturbing media has gone so far over the edge,.that not alot of attention was being paid to it.  What am I speaking about?  Well, the Christian Cafe in England that has banned the Bible!  Yup you heard it,..a 'Christian' Cafe which banned the Bible.  Are they freaking serious?  It appears they are.  See here.  No doubt the readership of 'Confessions' will agree as to what next will come out of the homosexual social justice pro-choice environ-'mentally' conscious (retarded?) tree hugging vegan/vegetarian whatever label human school of Mother earth Gaia bullshit crowd as far as the absurd is concerned, but yet is treated as if its normal.

School of Athens,.

The problem stems once again from mankind's abandonment of 'Reason.'  If you will, 'Logos' stemming from the Greek.  Imagine a world whereby Thales, Anaximandre, Anaxogoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and finally even though he's not Greek,.Aquinas (this is a Catholic blog btw,.;)) all came back to life,..what would they think?  Let's put our cards on the table, they wouldn't philosophize, but they more than likely would turn to heavily medicating themselves in order just to deal with the non-sense before them.  The Greeks, awash with wonder and awe, seeking Truth would find themselves in a world denying God,.(prime mover,..) but worshipping at the throne of Oprah Winfrey.  Denying the marital bonds,.but having to accept homosexual relations as 'normal.'  Denying birth, but having to accept abortion as part of women's health care,..and the list goes on...Instead of the School of Athens painting we'd have something totally different,..I'll give it a shot,..

School of stupid,.
 Do not fret!!  My fellow citizens,..liberalism and its nasty little socialist offspring of incoherance and stupidity is only temporary,..What's next you ask?  Well once again when you look at Europe the answer might be right in front of you.  So keep the political correctness, the 1.3 children, the contraceptive mentality, the socialist governments and remember to always tolerate EVERYTHING except objective truth, because well,..that's closed minded,...Our goal below is almost achieved!  Thank you socialists,.you guys did a bang up job! 

School of Madrasa

Our Lady of Fatima,......Ora pro nobis...


Left-footer said...

Marco, you always are right on track. Great post, linked from my blog and tweeted.

God bless!

TH2 said...

In 1854 the Cure D'Ars made the following prophecy, saying it to Bishop William Ullathorne: "Monseigneur, I believe that the Church in England will be restored to its splendour".