Monday, October 17, 2011

The Buck Stops Here!!!!

Before I begin with my rant for this week, I just wanted to say that it's very rare that I do a book review, but this particular one, I just can't pass up!  The book is by Sister Sara Butler entitled The Catholic Priesthood and Women.  Ouuuuuh, I can almost hear the shock of heterodox ears as they nearly choke on their vegan tofu.  Yup,.this book offers theological insights as to why women cannot be ordained as priests despite the little magic ceremonies occurring in protestant worship spaces or wiccan temples for that matter.  Not to worry, I'm not gonna give away any spoilers but I would strongly suggest keeping this nifty little book on your Parish bookself just in case a little visit from Sr Colleen occurs and the pulpit becomes a soapbox for a liberal agenda driven tirade regarding the 'evils' of the hierarchy, of course this would happen while on break from the church sponsored reiki workshop.

And now for the fun!,.(ha!  Bet you thought it was the book,..) The new Translation of Mass, which is set to make its debut this coming Advent is really starting to light fires, and cause graying heads to get even grayer!  The National Crapolic Reporter weighed in with its already prejudiced views with these kinds of stories,..see here .  All of this I find very amusing strangely enough.  These people will jump through rings of fire to show how tolerant Islam is,.but won't give a fair reading to anything even remotely Catholic.  Speaking of the religion of 'peace,' I'm sure spin doctors in every liberal circle are working overtime trying to brainwash everyone into believing that what is happening in Egypt is an isolated incident.  An Imam on a talk show remarked that the 'west' doesn't identify terrorists when they are Christian.  Yes, that's true, because our psychos don't engage in evil in the name of their religion!!  Imagine a priest or minister screaming 'Jesus is God!!!' then blowing himself up.  Don't think so, its more 'Jesus is God' and I'm about to get eaten by a lion, tortured alive, burned or shot at.  Nowadays, the ones doing the shooting?  Yup, you guessed it, the religion of 'peace.'  See here...Liberals its time to put up or shut up,..Liberal Repellent is simple, it Truth!  That's what scares them the most.

To conclude liberals, feminazis, pot heads, socialists, and social justice marxist crowd, the time has come to expose your revisionist history complete with its lies and falsehoods (twirls pencil...) so that truth can be told fairly.  No more slanderous attacks on Pope Pius XII (see here ), no more misinformation regarding the Crusades (see here) , the HOMOSEXUAL clergy abuse scandal,..( yup,..right here) or finally the biggest pile of crap perpetrated upon mankind, the imaginary global warming, (wait a minute the earth is cooling itself, we need another slogan,..) 'Climate change' crowd!  (see here)  You can also access different vids from that particular blog.  Now my dear liberal social justice tree hugging crowd, a true dialogue can take place, not the dictatorship of false 'findings' and junk science that you've forced everyone to believe.  Ohhhh, if Chesterton were alive today,.he'd be arrested.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,.........Have Mercy on us!