Friday, October 21, 2011

The War is On !!!!!!!!!!

Here it is, another Vortex!  Mike Voris exposes some ridiculousness that happened earlier last year!  The primer for this one is an old post from last August,..see here.  So without further addue,..The Bishop of El Paso has annexed Fr Michael Rodriguez into the farthest corner of his diocese,..why because his stance on so-called 'gay marriage is in accord with Church teaching.  There you have it!  Now, I'm not gonna put up the Vortex video but I encourage every like minded individual to check it out at Real CatholicTv.  This way all you readers who haven't experienced this site can sign up for free to view the videos!!!  As for the story itself, this article should give you the general idea.  In war we need to weed out the enemies and traitors to our Faith!  Sorry to say it, but they are re crucifying Christ!!!  A Rosary crusade for Fr Rodriguez, who let me also say, who is showing great example like the Apostles in accepting his cross,..Another 'famous' priest should take note, BlackSheepDog, you listening?  Fr Rodriguez, may Almighty God Bless and keep you!  Bishop Ochoa, may Our Lady's mantle cover you.  Thought we don't know what's in your heart,.I hope and pray for you! 

Our Lady of Fatima,.......Ora pro nobis.

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Left-footer said...

Great post yet again, Marco, and thank you.

Praying of course, and taking pills for raised blood pressure.

When will these shenanigans end?