Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Journey Home...

I announce to you a great joy!  One of my clients who became a friend has finally come back home to the Catholic Church!  Sometimes God is just so good, that I have to step away from my usual rants and tearing up of heterodox crap in order to bring to you some fantastic news of how God's Grace freely operates in the world, and how through no action of our own we can find ourselves looking at Truth face to face!  Of course some background will be provided,..

A year and a half ago, I met a client, (let's call her 'V').  She started training with us looking to better her physical self.  The typical reasons, health, to look and feel good and to acquire good nutritional habits.  Needless to say that she is now starting to look at working out as part and parcel of her new way of life,..just something you 'do.'  While we, (Project Infinity) were working on her, she took it upon herself, perhaps moved by the Holy Spirit to evangelize us.  I almost forgot to mention that she was also a Pentecostal Pastor!  I think God put it in her heart to speak with us, specifically me, about Jesus and our need for Salvation.  Needless to say that I had a response.

The age old expression God works in mysterious ways is often used without giving any kind of meaningful reflection as to what that means.  First off, here is a woman actually living out her faith!  She was and still is on fire for Christ!  While she might not have had any proper understanding of the Church when she was younger, (she was a fallen away Catholic..) she came into a deep personal commitment to Christ as her Lord and Saviour.  Did she try to get me to leave the Catholic Church?  Absolutely!  Was I offended?  Absolutely not!  She had enough 'balls' (she's a girl after all ;) to actually care enough for my eternal soul and its potential destination to break a politically correct taboo!!!  A series of Tim Horton's coffee talks commenced, and while engaging and presenting the Faith, little did I realize that the Holy Spirit was (and still is..) working on me!!!!!  During this time, I was still very much leading the double life, one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the secular.  Needless to say that the gulf between my legs was getting wiiiiiiiiider!  You can have all the head knowledge you want,..but guess what, that's all it would be it it is not put into action!  Needless to say, I am not going to engage in an apologetical strategy when dealing with Fundamentalists (you can find one online and that's not what this post is about...), just a short understanding of Church history should suffice.  Instead, through her example teaching me humility,.(ongoing...) I equiped her with enough knowledge to make a beautiful realization!  'V' as a protestant you found Jesus,.you lived your Faith beautifully.  As a Catholic, you'll be even more intimate, you will substantially be in communion with Him in the Eucharist!!!  How cool is that????!!?! By the way, you also now can have the Blessed Mother in your life.  Catholic converts living out their faith lose NOTHING of what they had,..They instead gain the fullness of Truth!

Any protestant reading this post, if you are curious about the Faith, don't hesitate to email me personally.  It might take a while for me to get back to you but I will.  In the meantime, I will post a quick timeline of Christian History right up to AD 500 ,..here.  Also a quick timeline of how the Bible came to be right over here .  May Almighty God bless you in your journey!

Blessed John Paul the Great,..........Ora pro nobis!

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Left-footer said...

Great news, Marco, and I'm sure we all share your joy.

It's amazing how God works through people. Imagine if she had had a different trainer!

God bless!