Friday, December 14, 2012

Vatican/SSPX Intro Part1.

      Where to begin?  A little intro would suffice.  Well, it seems the blogosphere as well as Facebook is a wash with pseudo theologians and arm chair Canon lawyers all but correcting the Holy See, the ‘nature’ of the Liturgy, using terms like ‘Traditional Catholic’ or ‘In Union with the SSPX..’ Still others claim to form the ‘Call to Action’ and already have begun calling for a Vatican III where women priests, gay married clergy, and clown Masses are part and parcel of the everyday rubrics…. Well, surprise, surprise, is where I stand, In union with Rome, willing to suffer through all that I see (purification?) until the Church passes through Her agony, and Passion so She can attain Her fruition in time which is Her Resurrection mirroring Her Divine Bridegroom Jesus Christ!  Call to action?  Let’s try (To quote Mother Angelica,..) a ‘Call to Holiness!’  We will sanctify ourselves first, then let Our Lord and Our Lady work out the kinks and nuttiness later. (Note that this does not mean that we stand idly by and do nothing!  We do much more by praying and making sacrifices..) We need to remember, even Jesus counted among His apostles Judas Iscariot.  Can it be really that far-fetched that the same concept can be held true for today?  Wait a minute!  This actually is not a new concept, as every Council has had a period of a ‘settling in’ before an equilibrium can be reached.   There is no such thing as a ‘pre’ conciliar Church or a ‘post’ conciliar Church, just the Church! 


     The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X, a group currently, canonically in an irregular position, though ongoing talks with Rome should in due time see parts of it return to the ordinary Magisterium and enjoy full communion.   A large amount came back in 1988, when Ecclesia Dei was established, in the wake of a ‘latae sentinae’ excommunication decree whereby the SSPX performed a schismatic act by consecrating 4 bishops without Papal approval.  The reality is however, that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was already off doing his own thing since 1976, The Pope’s problem wasn’t necessarily the consecrations, but the men he intended to consecrate, among them, Richard Williams.   So when Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre decided to go into business for himself, he performed a public schismatic act, and put himself and his illicit Bishops outside communion with Rome.  Over the next few weeks, Confessions will try to go a little more ‘in depth’ as it pertains two key issues, from the Society’s standpoint, the Liturgy being one and Religious 'freedom' being the other.

In the meantime, Hope everyone is having a blessed Advent!

St Pius X,…………………………….ora pro nobis!

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