Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Combative Reflection

I have blogged before on this topic, and to a certain extent, this blog was born out of this topic.  Still the question remains, what is going on with today’s men?  How is it that men have become something that well, we are not supposed to be?  All questions, good questions.   Some of the questions I receive need to be brought out.  When people who don’t know me ask, ‘Why do you want to be a priest?’ or ‘Are you gay?’ There is clearly a preconceived notion, in part perpetuated by the media and scandals that could easily lend to this notion.  How do we fix it?

I am reminded of the quote from Pope Leo XIII, ‘Catholics are born for combat!’  If that is the case, then where did all the soldiers and warriors go?  More specifically, where have all the men gone?  What has happened to chivalry?  Even in my pre seminary days, I was taught enough common sense, to give up my seat to a woman or to an elderly person, to hold a door open for the next person, to not use 758 swear words to describe in so far as much as a baby seal.  If my then girlfriend was insulted or assaulted, I would defend!  After meeting Jesus, and in discerning priesthood, I don’t think much of that has changed.  Perhaps it is being purified?  Lord knows I have many weaknesses and the seminary is a place of formation where God shows you those weaknesses CLEARLY!  However, a coward I am not! 

The time has come for men to pray, stand up, get a backbone, get off the porn, (which by the way, can turn a dude feminine), and join the fight!  The fight is God vs the devil.  To be frank it is Jesus who fights through us, but as men we need to be just that, MEN!  At this point, I will speak from experience, that followers of this blog already know, but a few things about my leisure interests:  I enjoy Martial Arts, particularly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Sanda (Kung fu kickboxing), as well, I enjoy firearms, hunting and fishing!  I also enjoy cooking!  I do not enjoy finger painting or abstract ‘art’ or interior decorating.  I don’t render judgement on those that do, but I would truly appreciate it that ‘they’ wouldn’t constantly render judgement on me. 

My name is Marco, and as of my discernment Jesus is calling me to priesthood as me.  He (Jesus) will amplify my strengths and purify my weaknesses in order to mold me into the priest that God willing He wants me to be.  I remain to date a warrior faithful to prayer, Eucharist and the Blessed Mother!  My mission to remain a faithful servant of Jesus Christ!  To draw souls closer to Him, so that His Salvation be made known!  My foundation is Jesus in the Eucharist!  My weapons are the Breviary, and the Rosary!  My enemy is the lukewarmedness/open hostility of the world.  My request is that you continue to sustain me in prayer,…. Without prayer, I am dead corporeally and in the soul.  

As Pope Francis said,................... 'Be a man!'  

Our Lady of Fatima,.........................................................................................Ora pro nobis!


Suzanne said...

So many people need fathers today. That's why your future priesthood is so important. Our society sends so many messages to the effect that masculinity is bad. Yes, men can be aggressive, but that masculinity has to be channelled in a positive way, and with the loss of manliness and the epidemic of absentee fatherhood, boys don't know how. They think being a man means being able to beat the crap out of the next guy. Men need to know you can be physical AND have a soul. I think this is the crux of the crisis of manhood.

Rachel M. Gohlman said...

Be assured I do pray for you and love seeing all the new things God teaches you throughout your vocation.