Friday, March 24, 2017

Ocram, from Bizzaroland speaks!,.. (He is mad at Marco,.. in a non judgemental way though!)

My name is Ocram, and well, I don’t believe in freedom.  Soooo many times I hear Marco, (who is nothing more than a chauvinistic alpha male/mysogenist) speak about Faith, weight training, fighting and,.. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but gun ownership!  In Canada!  When hearing stuff like this, I need to run to my safe space where I pet kittens and baby seals for an hour.  Why?  Because this ‘triggers me!’ 

What is Marco’s deal with Catholicism?  I mean I like Jesus and think He was a special teacher!  He is equal to Guru Namako Muhammed Al-jafar, or still no religion, just spirituality,.. Unless its Gaia, the goddess of ecology and feminism!  The Church is archaic and backward!  I mean how dare Jesus rise from dead any more than any other wise ‘spirit teacher?’  That is male dominated and closed minded!!!Women too should rise from the dead!!!  Sheeeesh!!!  Back to the safe space to blow bubbles! 

Why does Marco always speak about ninjitsu or judorate or whatever promoting violence to young kids?  I mean if no one knew these things, or how to fight, the world would be so much better,.. I mean imagine dialoging with that guy who wants to mug you?  You know that he is most likely a white man (and Trump supporter!)  We could sit and have tea, then he would most certainly know the error of his ways!  Gaia bless him! 

Why does Marco support ‘freedom’ which naturally leads to ownership of firearms!,.. As in GUNS!  (Wait I need to get to my safe space in order to handle some play doh, and blow some soap bubbles while petting some kittens,.. Phew!,.. K,.. Better).   Imagina a gun free zone?  We could put up a sign indicating that this zone is gun free and well,.. criminals are not welcome!  (Marco thinks this that criminals would call this zone a ‘target range’ but what does he know?!) 

I have said my piece, and now, I’m gonna sip my Mocha Late Frappacappaccinespresso,. While listening to Moby and preparing some vegan food,.. 

Gaia be blessed,.


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