Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Charest, Bellemare and the London Bus Ad Campaign.

So it seems that Pope Benedict's visit to England has ruffled a few feathers,..the muslims? Nope. The atheists,..uhh not really. The Holy Father has irritated the 'progressive' catholiks(spelled intentionally that way...)and subsequently they have launched a campaign worthy of a Dennis Miller style rant exposing their ignorance as well as their intellectual acumen. Some bus ads read, 'Pope,.Ordain woman now!' while still others read 'Pope,.allow contraception now!' While the tone is somewhat authoritative, it would seem England has bigger problems to worry about. Oh let's see, the Archbishop of Canterbury backing Islamic Sharia law for one, (Hey liberals, where were you on that one?), coupled with growing secularization essentially paving the way for a future islamic state. On another blog, I read about us 'orthodox' Catholics starting ads of our own mirroring some of the requests (commands) made by these liberals to the Holy Father. Now we are all aware that the Catholic Church's dogmas are not open to debate, since they are in accord with Biblical as well as sound reasoning and discernment. Some are also based on Natural Law.,..Hey liberals, do you know what happens when a man ejaculates inside a women? Well,.the possibility of new life!! Do you what happens, when people try to physically express their love another way? (ie two men, two women,..etc?) Nothing, possible disease, resulting in openness to death. (Individual as well as cultural) Don't take my word for it, check out Europe's growth rate, and ask yourself whether or not the contraceptive industry/homosexual agenda has anything to do with it.

So let's make some ads!! I'll start. (credit Jimmy Akin's blog,..but theses are my own)

-'Pope,..Abolish winter now!, Its too cold and discriminates against summer!'

-'Pope,..Allow men to give birth now! We are entitled to motherhood as much as women!'

-'Pope,..Allow people to fly by natural means now! We should given equal opportunity alongside birds, insects and bats!'

I think you get my sarcasm...moving on.

Domestically on the Quebec/Canada front, I was asked my opinions of the Marc Bellemare case against the Quebec government and premier Jean Charest. It would seems back in 2003, Bellemare was pressured into appointing Quebec judges by Charest and some influential liberal organizors, namely construction businessman Franco Fava. My comment rests not so much on the integrity of the premier, we are after all talking about a man in his third mandate, and a former minister who is only now coming forward. Did it happen? I really don't know. What I find truly interesting is the lack of opposition pecking at the premier to undermine his credibility! Then I found out that the leader, Pauline Marois is on vacation! bahahaha!!! Wow, the separatists never cease to amuse me!

To conclude some more mail regarding questions,..(I paraphrase everything, if you've asked me a question via email, I have responded, but I ask that you would put your name, otherwise, it will be 'Hey Anonymous..'

-'What caused you to be such a staunch defender of the Catholic Church?'

Ans: Read my blog. A simplistic answer, but you'll find some of my testimony.. :)

-'Why the Transformers theme?'

Growing up, the Transformers were part of my childhood. As an adult I quickly drew a parralel between the character of G1 Optimus Prime and Aslan the Lion from the Narnia series. (CS Lewis) Both were archtypes of Christ figures. Prime laid down his life for the autobots. Besides, I think they're cool!!! : )

Agnus Dei,.qui tollis peccata mundi,...dona nobis pacem.


Teresa said...

God Bless Pope Benedict for his defense of and standing firmly for both TRUTH and Tradition. It is great the way he is standing up to the progressive Catholiks who are dissenting from the teachings of the Magisterium.

I really enjoyed watching Transformers while growing up also. Although, I never really thought of Optimus Prime as a Christ figure. How did you like the two Transformer movies? IMO, they were both great.

God Bless!

Marco said...

Both Transformers movies live action I thought were a little weak,..as for Prime being an archtype for Christ, you'd have to look at G1 episodes culminating with 1986 animated movie and later his 'ressurection.' Thanks for the comment Theresa! :)