Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Politics and Religion,..the Continuation...

Back once again with another of my more religious based opinionated tirades directed towards the lefty loonies still controlling chancery offices and in some cases the Bishop's chair itself. Two events marked me this week and subsequently were amplified by Michael Voris' Vortex commentaries. It would seem two Bishops came to the forefront for extremely different reasons. Without going into detail, (namely naming them) the Bishop of Nashville decided to publically reprimand a priest who gave an interview saying some pretty ridiculous stuff. All I can say is THANK GOD! The situation occurred when a renegade priest (heretic/dissident) claimed that the Pope should apologize for the Church's teaching regarding human sexuality( no shock there, that agenda is usually the heretic's first target...) Needless to say the Bishop to credit, demamded that the priest retract his statement or face consequences.

The second situation occurred in El Paso, whereby a priest defended Church teaching and was corrected by his Bishop for not being tolerant, charitable, y'know the rest rest of the liberal buzzwords that the social justice (marxist)crowd like to peddle around. So in this situation the priest is being called on the carpet for adhering to the Magisterium. I invite all readers of this post to fast for the Bishop in question, oh hell,..I'll say it,...To grow a friggin set of Balls!!!! Think of the Apostles going to their death in the coliseum, they never watered down the Faith in order to be charitable for whatever New Age, Call to Action, Catholics United for a Common Good, National Catholic Reporter bulls---oops, getting carried away. I think you get my point. Every one of these 'groups' creates there own Jesus to softsell the Christian reality, the Cross!!!

Cardinal Ouellet, a fellow Canadian and Quebecer is now in charge of helping choose the World's Bishops. So that being said, here is a little note to the liberal mindset who read this blog, (you know who you are, the people who don't leave commentaries, but instead flood my personal email box with 'hatemail' instead of 'dialogue,' your favorite buzzword!)


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your 'ilk' a happy extinction! Does that sound harsh? Thank-you to Fr McBrien, Sr Joan Chittister and the rest of the Looney Tunes Cast for some of the most absurd ramblings of subjective thought ever put on paper! Let's see, McBrien said that Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a step backward!!! Both Spiritually (how) and intellectually, (Yeah,..Jacques Maritain practised Adoration,..nuff said) that was a real gem! Or Joan Chittester, the Popessa, with her infallible declarations.(women's ordination) Then there is the Pope of Dissidents himself, Fr Hans Kung, the only man able to a 700page opus about Muhammed, and still the reader can't find the thesis! This is education! I thought education was studying a series of 'effects' back to the 'causes.' Oh right, that's closed minded! Anyway, its been nice knowing you, whether you schism or not in 2011 remains to be seen.


To conclude, this post was a little eccentric, perhaps more so than usual, but like a coakroach, a light needs to be opened so that these hippie/socialist/subjectivists can scurry back to there darkened corners.

I promise to be more upbeat next time!

St Peter,..(the real 'Rock!!' if you smellaaa what Benedict XVI is cookin!)....Ora pro nobis!


Janet Baker said...

Hi, Marco, It's good to know you're back. Hang in there. It's rough times, but we need you. Or I meant to say, It's rough times and we need you. We don't get to pick our epochs, know what I mean? You have to take comfort that Jesus knows all about it and is preparing to recognize us in a special way, because of what He said, 'Blessed are you who have seen and believe, but more blessed those who have not seen, and believe.' Something like that, close. Not only have we 'not seen,' things are thrown at us!

I try to stay loving. Jesus died for us all, he died for those whose necks I'd like to wring. So we have to stay patient and loving to them. That's what keeps us sweet and keeps us from going crazy.

Anyhoo, glad to see you're up and running, Godfather.

Marco said...

Thanks Janet!! Especially for everyone's prayers and support!


Left-Footer said...

Great Marco! Cockroaches like Frankengranny Chittister, beware! Seriously, it's good to read your robust blog that calls a spade a spade.

TH2 said...

What a zinger! Man-o-man is this a great post. Keep 'em coming, Marco.

Christina Helena said...

i am your biggest fan. seriously.