Monday, December 19, 2011

Do Whatever He Tells You,...

The following thoughts, I drew inspiration from Fr Gerry Martineau, my parish priest and his homily about the Blessed Mother.  The more I journey toward wherever God is leading me in life, the more I draw inspiration from the witness of the Blessed Mother.  Last Sunday became another 'Aha!' moment.

The weeks of Advent allow the Christian for a time of preparation, not just for Christmas, but also for Jesus's Second Coming which He promises us.  The Gospel readings leading up to Christmas begin with Jesus Himself, declaring 'No one knows the day or the hour,.' Next we have Gospels concerning John the Baptist who acts as a preparatory prophet, calling on people to 'prepare the way of the Lord!'  Finally this past weekend was the Blessed Mother!  Her response was/is EPIC!!! (Be it done to me according to Thy will..) Just reread the Gospel of St Luke!!  Dear protestant friends,..keep an open mind, then read Genesis 3:15,..then reread the Gospels,..ALL FOUR OF THEM!!!  It isn't an ecumenism thing!  It ain't a politically correct thang,..It's a 'Get yer head out of yer ass thang!!!'  The Blessed Mother should not be dividing us,..She should be the woman uniting us! 

Hail Mary Full of Grace,...........pray for us!

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