Thursday, December 29, 2011

Leftopia,..the Magical Land of Stupid...

And now for another installment of speaking with Lefties, the show where truth is orwellian and facts are hidden worse than in a 'Where's Waldo?' book!  (Funny anecdote, I always thought 'Where's Waldo?' was only in french,..'Ou est Charlie?'..Oh well...:))  This past week, during our CHRISTMAS time off, (not holiday time, or wintersoltice time, or winter festival time, that off my chest!)  I was innundated with emails concerning my so-called closed mindedness and lack of pastoral concern (whatever the hell that means,..) for issues of equality and justice!  You see about two years ago, I wrote a post on the evils of socialism and how it is incompatible with Catholic thought.  It basically denies the theological reality of original sin, and props up man to act as his own saviour.  Liberation theology became its bastard offspring, after having an ongoing affair with marxism.  (see here )  Now these people penetrate the establishment on all levels, politically, socially and yes even inside the Church.  They espouse Cardinal Bernadin's seamless garment crap and instead of looking at truths through a Thomistic lens, and then following suit, they equate everything in the same basket.  Example, 'Yes candidate 'A' is pro-life, but he's not taking care of the south american coffee pickers getting minimum wage!  So that must cancel it all out!' You see the logic?  No?  Because there is none!  

A few weeks back I was introduced to a Fox news commentator named Steven Crowder.  American by birth, he was raised in Canada, actually Montreal and is blowing the whistle on all this stuff!  His insights are intelligent, witty and wait for it,...FACTUAL!  Yes, the left having an issue with truth has a hard time getting its act together especially if it does not suit their marxist agenda!  Some examples,..(Let me set this up, typical university professor enters classroom wearing Palestinian 'kaffiya,' a Jack Layton hugging Barrack Obama pin and begins to lecture on the human rights violations of the US in the Middle East, Israel on everything and 'capitalism' as the 'Mein Kempf' of economic theory!  So, the students eat this stuff up!  I know, I was one of them!)  Some of the myths include;

Pope Pius XII was a silent nazi sympathizer who did nothing during WWII.  FACT:  Pope Pius XII did more than any other person to save Jews from extermination.  (see here)  The theory that he was anti-semitic arose from a protestant playwright 5 years later after his death!!!!!!  The chief Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli converted to Christianity because he was moved by Pius's defense of the Jewish people!!! Lefties, on this one you lose, you only expose yourselves not only as ignorant, but as a malicious parasitical cancer that grafts itself onto society!  (Yes, this one I take personally, because I've had to endure many a 'spirit' of VII priest propogating that lie!)

Israel is an evil country which must give back land to the Palestinians in the occupied territories.  FACT;  Can anybody name one country that wasn't formed through violence?  Number two, can anybody name one country whereby when it was formed, another country was formed specifically for the people living there at that time!  (Jordan was formed in 1948, for the people eventually known as the Palestinians.  Why eventually?  Because prior to 1948, there was no such f'n thing as a 'Palestinian!' )  It sucks that both people can't live in harmony, it really does, but when the 'Palestinians' refuse negotiations with Israel, thereby claiming it as Islamic land, and will only settle for a ten year truce, (Remember 'prophet' Muhammed, that peaceloving kind of guy, broke his ten year truce in two years instead!) and will never recognize Israel's right to exist!  It really is sad for the Arabs living there, but how about fighting this war through education, reign in your terror groups, or maybe do a little introspection on the metaphysics of Islam?  Just sayin,..The 'Left' love to tell you about how Israel attacked Syria and Egypt in the six day war, but forget to mention that those two countries already amassed their troops right on the bourder!  Wait a minute, after the asskicking Israel gave them, they still gave back land!!!!  Does anyone not see the irony?

Just two examples of pothead stupidity that we are forced fed through CBC, BBC and of course Hollywood, because we know how politically savvy they are, Sean Penn?  C'mon,..not exactly Ben Stein!  Critiquing anything the Obama administration is failing at brands you as rascist!  Back to Crowder,...I'll be putting a link up to his site, and I truly suggest you check out his youtube videos, he even has a 'Quebec Corner!'  I won't even mention that the producers of Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' basically admitted Stewart's bias in an email concerning Crowder...Ooops,..just did!  Hehehehe...(Look it up!)

Blessed John Paul the Great,.........Ora pro nobis!

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