Monday, December 19, 2011

L'Eglise Quebecois,..

Living in 'La Belle Province' certainly has its fair share of unique characteristics.  To the outsider, things like the 'language police' (OLF) and Law 101 conjure up images of George Orwell's 1984.  Now of course it isn't really that bad,..but there are times when you just want to,..well,..either scratch your head quizically or just up and move to Ontario!

Growing up,.I was fluently bi-lingual, (tri-lingual if you count Italian as well, but my italian leaves much to be desired,.) and my parents lived in LaSalle which was/is a working class italian influenced section of the greater Montreal area.  My schooling up until 9th grade was done primarily in french and then from grade 10 to grade 12, mostly in english.   When I was a month away from my 18th birthday, I remember it all too well,..the year 1995,..the year of the REFERENDUM.   What happened?  Basically Montreal and the Outaouias regions along with parts of Quebec City voted No!  The rest of the geographic landscape voted OUI!  So let's imagine the Church of Quebexico as it would be today had the seperatists won,..Now for those who understand why politics and the Church in Quebec are intermingled, you need only a little history lesson on Maurice Duplessis.


Montreal's empty Churches have nearly all been sold as the Quebec schism took place shortly after the 1995 referendum,..Pauline Marois was installed as the first Queen of Quebec amidst an internal conflict over whether or not she'll also lead the Quebec Church.  The Churches that weren't sold, also double as mosques, to house Quebec's nearly one quarter muslim population in order to better dialogue, because as long as 'les musulmans' s'exprimes en francais, there is really no problem.  The local Bishops are now elected in by the people to create there own creed and there own objective reality.  The Grand Seminaire has been hijacked by the diocese and turned into a centre for ecumenical dialogue and commitee meetings focusing on pottery, baking and just being nice,..(except to anglos,..)  The english side of the diocese chose to remain with Rome except for a few sellouts adhering to the poltergeist known as the 'spirit' of Vatican II.  Soooo,. Vatican II is ruled intolerable and therefore incompatible with 'le peuple Quebecois.'  Consequently the english are exiled to the deepest part of the west island and oppressed by the Queen Pauline.  The Church headed by Fr Tiffany immediately attempts to ordain woman, marry gays, ban all english, alow abortion/contraception in the name of tolerance, again unless your an anglo whereby they just sterilize you.  Convents are turned into Reiki wellness centres focusing on Tai Chi healing, Yoga and Voodoo.  The Latin Mass has however been banned because its not open enough...All this in the Quebecois Church!  Isn't being open fun?  Vive Pauline!!!

Marie Reine du Monde,.........prier pour nous.

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