Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ultimate Warrior Reality 2,...

Wow!  I can't believe I'm blogging about this guy again, but it is just too awesome!  The Ultimate Warrior will be launching his own reality TV series shortly, whether it will be web based or not remains to be seen.  The Warrior for me as a kid was larger than life, but for me right now as as adult, is a beacon of inspiration, telling it like it is and not taking any BS from anyone! ( Warrior Teaser Trailer )  Yes, there is some language but so what?  We live in a society where blasphemy is considered okay but the so-called 'F' bomb is wrong!!  C'mon folks its the reverse!  Warrior takes these up and coming bands with their cute little 125lb rock star image of drinking and partying and makes men out of them!  Trains them physically, and motivates them intellectually into understanding why we take better care of our cars than our bodies when once again it should be the other way around!

Now imagine we had the same program for priests and religious.  Too often we see the overweight, effeminate priest with his sanctuary decorated full of velvet banners and bunny rabbits!  Where have all the f'n men gone?  The last sixty years saw the Catholic Church who produced giants like St Peter (crucified upside down) and St Mark, (martyred by being dragged through the streets) turn into Pee Wee's Playhouse!!!!!!  I've said this before,..I truly believe that the Warrior will be in full communion with the Church one day.  His desire for Truth on the intellectual level is incredible,..so its a matter of time....Then I hope he cleans house at chancery offices everywhere,..Imagine the little fruitcakes in charge of dialogue and discussion getting pummelled by clothelines,.for their own good! 

 versus,.....(who would win???) ;)

As a fitness trainer and potential seminarian,..I plan to continue training,.weights, mma,.anything.  We need balance in life,.or else we become weak.  Vocations whether to priesthood or marriage, demand that the best be brought out of us.  Christ will take our talents, and then purify them to serve His Church!  Any priest or religious who wants a quick workout template, feel free to email me,..just give me a rough idea of your height and weight,..as well as any injuries you might have.  God Bless, and Happy New Year to all!

St Ignatius of Loyola,........ora pro nobis.

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Jan Pivon said...

God bless you Marco.

Keep spreading the love, faith and charity through training.