Friday, January 20, 2012

Ontological Change and the JPII Generation,.....

So,.yes, I couldn't come up with an adequate title for today's blog post,..but if you say the title aloud, using a Macho Man Randy Savage voice, and ending it with an 'Ohhh Yeeeaaah!,' it kinda sounds cool!   Today I announce to you a great joy,.a friend who I met through a priest friend of mine will become a priest!  That's right, tonight is the ordination to the priesthood of Jason Piper.  God is good!

Over the last three years that I have been blogging, a constant has always been present, that a new generation of priests is on the horizon.  The Blessed Mother has assembled an army, a blue army if you will, to share in Her Divine Son's priesthood and victimhood.  One word describes these men, orthodox!  In the wake of the Second Vatican Council, their has been an unrelenting attack on the holy priesthood.  The sex scandals, the corruption, and heterodox Bishops flourishing heresy everywhere.  The enemy subverted, and tried his best to take apart the Bride of Christ, think about it,.no valid priest?  Then no valid Eucharist.  Yet through these turbulant waters, Our Lord never went against His promise in St Matthew's Gospel.  'The gates of hell will not prevail against Her!'  The last fifty years saw diocese after diocese, dismantle their infrastructure, spiritually and physically.  Men called to priesthood were rejected as having an 'outdated' vision of the Church and men with psychological problems, homosexual orientations and heterodox views were allowed to be ordained.  Once again, think about when you encounter an unfaithful priest,..ask yourself why he wanted to freely give up a wife and kids, but yet did not believe in the Church's dogmas?  It doesn't make any sense!  Hope, though was on the way.

The Holy Spirit, flashed the batsignal out to Poland, and in 1978, a true warrior was installed as the Pope, and this goofy generation's days were numbered!  Pope John Paul II burst onto the scene, reiterated traditional Catholic beliefs, re-asserted the Faith and sent fruit loop theologians packing!  (So long, Fr Hans!!!)  The thing is, what made these pot head hippies nervous, was that through his charisma, his manhood and his example, he inspired a whole generation!  World Youth Days, a resurgence of Thomism and a vibrant attitude saw vocations spring up all over the world, especially Africa.  In the west, a different story, the hippie residue, saw to it that vocations were near extinction so they (cuckoo bishops..) could ordain woman, and the rest of their 'caca' ideas...Who can forget the scene in South American of John Paul II berating a certain liberation 'theologian' Ernesto Cardenal... Marxism and Catholicism don't mix,..its great to  feed the hungry, but invite them to their true calling in the Kingdom of Heaven!  Not a social revolution hijacking authentic social justice!  So, seminarians began to 'play the game.'  Flying under the radar and maintaining a complete trust in Divine providence, these men told their formators all the syrupy crap they wanted to hear, then after ordination, they put on a cassock!  Soon, solid Bishops were installed, and yes, even in the west, the gurgling death rattle of the 'Sprit of VII' crowd could be heard.  Hippie priests were on the way out and being replaced by younger orthodox men who understood their calling and were ready to implement the REAL Vatican II, not the crap they had been spoon fed by their formators! 

 So here we stand at the threshold of hope.  The tale of the tape reads as follows, you are looking at future priest who stands about 6'4 and has arms like tree trunks.  A guy whose 'been there, done that' and is freely laying down his life for Christ.  Truthfully, our Lord knows the battle within His Holy Church, with secularism breathing down Her neck and Islam positioning itself for another crack at world domination,..(Yes I went there, all you priests and religious, get heads out of the sand and wake the f@#$  up! )   No more gangly little fruitcake who can't catch a football, let alone throw one!  True manhood, a warrior whose is about to be ordained!  Please offer prayers for all of us in the diocese of Montreal and by extension all priests, worldwide, especially those discerning the call,.. Devotion to the Eucharist, devotion to the Blessed Mother, and here we have it,.As of tomorrow, Father Jason Piper! 

St Jean Vianney,................ora pro nobis!

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