Wednesday, January 18, 2012


That they may all be one. So true in today's context does Jesus's prayer ring aloud. Today in Canada begins the week for Christian Unity. We as Christians, Catholic, and non-catholic (all 745 997 differents brands, sects, denominations and disrespect just sayin') are encouraged to pray for Christ's will that we may unite. Obviously the root causes of division is sin, plain and simple. There were people in the Church that needed to be called out for their crap and they were, initially Martin Luther did a good thing. Sadly then his ego took over. My friends, every year this week comes around I get the uncomfortable feeling that we as Catholics, at least the establishment(local not the Vatican), are willing to sell their mother (Sometimes the Blessed Mother!!!) to a pet store in order to have 'friendly' relations with the Unitarian Pentecostabaptists down the street!

My friends, when Jesus prays that we may all be one, He does not mean that we compromise Truth in doing so. As Catholics we have the fullness of Faith, plain and simple. This is simply not our 'opinion' as some cute little clergy with no balls and afraid of their own shadow like to put forth, this is FACT! Period! Exclamation mark! Any protestant, can trace their lineage back and see that whatever truth(s) they possess are first and formost Catholic. Unless you get to certain types of 'baptists' who believe in a 'trail of blood.' Apparently 'true' Christians went underground, (so far underground they reached Krang and Shredder's Technodrome...) and only emerged after Luther posted his 95theses...Sorry my baptists friends, but this story is so freakin' ridiculous that it can make a mormon blush with his whole 'God lives on a planet near Kolob..' Stan Lee should obtain the rights, Marvel Comics could make a fortune! I would read it!

All kidding aside, our late Holy Father, John Paul II took incredible pains to apologize, issue an encyclical 'Ut Unun Sanct' and reach out to every Christian. He received baptists, reformed baptists, pentecostals, reformed pentecostals, reformed presbytarians, regular presbytarians, who knows, presbytarian 'al dente' (you catch my drift?) On it went. There was a joint declaration with the Lutherans, agreeing that we are 'saved' by Grace! My question to you Lutherans,..why do you still exist? John Paul II lived his title 'Pontifex' bridge builder. Any unity must come from Truth, and Love,.they can't be seperated. So while we do pray for re unification,..we cannot do it at the expense of dogma.  To my protestant friends, pray, study and check your ego in your back pocket.  To my Catholic friends, we(all of us) need to start living our Faith better,.and for that, we can use some evangelicals as a great example. 

St Jose Maria Escriva,.....ora pro nobis.

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