Monday, January 23, 2012

Catholic or Country

As a kid,.I always admired the US.  Every time I would get a GI JOE action figure vehicule, I would throw away the Canadian stickers and want to put American ones on it.  It wasn't that I was against Canada, but I was a realist.  Our military fleet may as well be a couple of canoes and some propeller planes especially compared to the US.  That's again not say that our military is weak,.on a scale compared to the US, it is somewhat infinetly smaller.  We simply do not have the population or budget to compare.  Similarly, my dad would bring me to the old Montreal Forum to watch WWF, and the whole place would be chanting USA! USA!  to cheer on Hulk Hogan.  As Canadians we are usually only patriotic when it comes to hockey!!!

Some sad news.  A year and a half ago, I wrote a post critiquing Obama's policies.  The email that came in accused me of rascism, being intolerant,..the whole gamut...Well President Obama and his merry band of dissidents in the name of healthcare have now forced the Church's back against the wall.  President Obama's healthcare plan will now force Catholic doctors and taxpayers to check their consciences in their back pocket.  Yup so much for freedom of religion.  This week I will be writing a more in depth blog post on the ramifications of this now famous phone call to the president of the USCCB, Cardinal-elect Timothy Dolan.  American Catholics will now have to choose between the most pro-abortion president the States has ever seen and be called rascist by liberal elist media types like Michael Moore or return to the Republican party, which hopefully won't implement this vile agenda.  The USA once stood for freedom....Please refrain from emailing me nasty comments,..More on this story, the meantime as this news broke, and we all knew it would,..our Holy Father's warning to the US Bishops.  See here and see here. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus,........Have mercy on us!

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Patrick Button said...

Liberal Catholics like contraception but they also like Catholic colleges and don't want them to be shut down by the Obammunist. Obama is betting that the liberal Catholics will vote for him anyway. Let's hope he's wrong.