Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grumpy Old Men Give Me an Idea!

The latest twitter news has Kevin Nash calling out The Ultimate Warrior to an MMA style shoot match.  Wow,..your thinking it must be a slow news day!   Actually I will tie it in to the Church a little bit later,..So the backround,..a tweet to Warrior asking why he doesn't dye his hair and come back to WWE,..Warrior responds, that 'He's not a dic*head looking to steal the limelight from younger wrestlers.'  Diesel fires back on Warrior's twitter challenging him to an MMA match!  Here's the kicker, not the fact that these two are wayyyy past their primes, but that none of them have any backround in MMA fighting!  (Nash's would tear his quad getting into the Octogon!)  Warrior?  Well, I admire his views, intensity and lifestyle, but C'mon!  First off, wrestling wise, he wouldn't know a wrist lock from a wrist watch!  They'd probably mutally guillotine each other and pass out!  Seriously, Nash, though a street fighter, I think would lose to Warrior,..Warrior has a lower centre of gravity, and thus I could see Warrior on his back allowing Nash to tackle him.  From the guard position, Warrior key locks or Kimora Big Daddy Cool, and big Diesel, will be parked on the side of the road out of gas!  Again, this scenerio only occurs if both know what the hell there doing!  They'll no comebacks or shaking the ropes to regain strength after you've taken a legitamite ass-kicking.  Though its receiving a lot of publicity, I think the only cool thing about it would be the build up,.and maybe the 'entrances!' ;)

Now, as this issue was taking place, it got me thinking,..hmmm (lightbulbs flashing,..) what if someone in the orthodox Catholic world were to call out a heterodox?  I could just see it now,..Cardinal Mahoney calls Cardinal Burke,..'Closed minded' on Twitter,..Cardinal Burke responds calling him out!  Not to an MMA fight,..but to an actual 'dialogue!' (their words..)  Y'know one that would actually culminate in a settled issue!   Better still what if Michael Voris called out Richard McBrien!  I definetly would love to see that debate!  My friends, as much as can have fun with these issues,..we need to take them seriously!  We are at the crossroads and not only is our Church at stake,..but so are souls. 

St Michael the Archangel,...................ora pro nobis.

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