Thursday, March 8, 2012

Israel, Palestine and the Vatican Part 5

Remarkable that we haven't even gotten to 1948 yet!  All in due time, hopefully this blog post will get us to the Israeli independance.  A point to note is that I will have no choice but to intersperce different theologically oriented posts in between this series on Israel/Palestine.  Remind me why I started this series again??

Okay so the year is now 1939ish,..and the White paper is now calling for the creation of a new Palestinian state while at the same time affirming the Balfour declaration.  Thus the two state solution is being proposed.  The leadership of the Arab countries however, would have none of it going so far as to even refuse meeting with their Jewish counterparts. 

The Second World starts, and the Jewish Hagganah begins smuggling Jews into Palestine to protect them from the Shoa.  The Palestinians are split,..while some do assist in the smuggling of Jews, many, especially the notables assist the Axis..(thereby lending credibility to that earlier Hadith of Muhammed..)  Jews now living in the Middle East, are attacked by Axis sympathizing Arabs, and thus the exodus of Jews from those Muslim lands commences.  Where do they go?  They settle in Palestine.

So we are now in the year 1940, and the Jewish are beginning to fight back.  A radical group mounts explosives on a donkey and sends it into a crowded marketplace in Haifa.  Similarly, 13 Arabs are killed by gunfire in a one hour period.  The worldwide propoganda controlled by the Arabs, showed them as pure sympathizers with the Nazi Regime.  Muhammed Amin-Al-Hussayni meets with both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler to strengthen his ties to the Axis.  During the war, the muslim Waffen SS was created to ensure that the Jews not escape Europe and reach Palestine.  Meanwhile, in Palestine itself, the British formed two(three?) units of a Palestinian army, both Jewish and Arab in order to fight against the Axis.  In 1944, the Army was only Jewish, thus the Jewish Brigade.

In 1942, after a period of calm, the Jewish Irgun (radical splinter group..) bombs the British immigration services in Palestine, while from Germany, Al-Hussayni plans a Jewish massacre using chemical weapons through the deployment of a joint German/Arab parachute strike, known as Operation Atlas.  They were caught by the British police forces near the town of Jericho. 

Fast forward to the year 1947.  The UN General Assembly passes the partition plan to create two states.  The Jews accept, while the Arabs reject it.  The Palestinians erupt in violence, the 'civil war,' the Jerusalem riots, with the British stopping them near Zion square but unable to fend them off in other attack on Jewish neighbourhoods.  Irgun responded and threw bombs at Arab workers in an Oil Company.  The Arab league then sponsored the Arab Liberation Army, recruiting not only Palestinians but other Arabs from other countries, who once again saw this as their muslim duty to defend their 'brothers.'

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Our Lady of Ville Marie,.........ora pro nobis!

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