Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shout outs to the New Shepherds!!!!!!

Once again, dear readers please excuse my tardiness regarding The Israel/Palestine posts,..(part 6 will be up shortly)  More important news,.Montreal has a new Arch Bishop!  As information comes in, the tale of the tape is gonna be revealed!  We know that as of yesterday, Archbishop Christian Lépine took canonical possession of the Diocese, the second largest in Canada.  His co-pilot?  None other than the man himself, Thomas Aquinas for the 21st Century and Canada's youngest Bishop,...Bishop Tom Dowd!!!  (....Dowd!  Michael Buffer voice!)  The tale of the tape will follow,..

ArchBishop Christian Lépine

What can I say?  Staunchly pro-life, staunchly orthodox, a saintly and pius man, who truly loves Jesus and His Church!  The ArchBishop is considered an intellectual and following his appointment as an auxiliary bishop, was safe to assume that he would be suited for the job.  In true Optimusmastro fashion, Archbishop Lepine has balls, isn't afraid to tackle issues head on, and will not be intimidated.  He has attended John Pacheco's pro-life seminars in Ottawa as a priest.

Bishop Tom Dowd(Auxiliary)

What else could be said about the man who was the cataclyst for my return to the Catholic Church?,..(well orthodoxy at least!)  Bishop Tom Dowd, at one time the beat the living sh&t out of me on an intellectual level at the now defunct anglican diocesan bookroom. (see this post)  We have lunch together usually once or twice a year...He is basically an amalgamation of Thomas Aquinas, Jacques Maritain and Krang the brain from the ninja turtles series...When he thinks, can almost see the lights flicker...

Seriously all kidding aside, we must unite our prayers to these two amazing Shepherds as their task, this diocese won't be an easy one.  The Holy Spirit knows this and appointed two kickass men truly living their vocations!  Thank you Jesus for giving us these Bishops!

St Jean Vianney,...........ora pro nobis!

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Teresa said...

Great news! Orthodoxy rocks! God Bless these two Shepherds as they guide their flock.