Sunday, March 11, 2012


A short post and a happy and Holy Sunday to you!  Why am I happy,.because sometimes God gives us little 'a ha' moments that are truly remarkable!  Today, after Mass, I was surfing the web, as I'm writing a paper on St Augustine.  I'm not quite sure how, but I stumbled upon 'Epic Erin Hamilton's blog.  Erin is my cousin through marriage and he pastors a community in California.  The last time we spoke was at my parent's house, discussing Theology in my little study! See here .

Perhaps the start of a long distance ecumenical dialogue between relatives?  The (potential) priest and the pastor?  All that would be missing is the standard 'walk into a bar one day...'

St Joseph,........ora pro nobis.


Left-footer said...

I don't think that these things are coincidence, but small miracles. Life is full of them.

God bless!

Patrick Button said...

Nothing like apologetics and real ecumenicism to help us appreciate our own faith.

Erin said...

Hi Marco! What a trip to connect in cyberspace. Hope all is well - everyone says hi. I have been laid up with a winter cold this week, please excuse my laconic response :)