Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ballad of the Whacky Tradies,..

Should be a song, and if it isn't written, it needs to be.  While on this blog, I do hammer the modernist crowd, every year it would seem, that certain so-called 'Traditionalists' attempt to claim me as one of their beloved defenders,...uhhh.not so much..  So let me dispel a rumour once and for all,..(seems I do a lot of that recently..)  I do not subscribe to a 'more Catholic than the Pope' mentality.  Sure there are some things that make me scratch my head, (Assisi gathering, a recent appointment to the CDF of a Bishop with questionable orthodoxy, etc..) but in the end, who am I to judge, interpret or criticize issues that the Church has taken.  In humility, I accept and place my trust in Jesus, truly present in the most Holy Eucharist, and therefore remain a loyal son of Holy Mother Church.

Ahh but you funny little whacky Tradies all claiming individual 'infallibility' on issues stemming from Vatican II, (yet none of you have read it),..to why and how the last Pope was Pius XII.  So you get these guys,.'True Catholics'  and of course my all time favorite, (and a reject from an SSPX seminary, so you know this dude has got it going on! ). Pope Michael!!!!!!!!!!  The bark of St Peter, such a precious gift, and yet the goofy radical traditionalist crowd fails to undertsand and heed the very words of Jesus Himself.  (See Matt 16-18).  I sympathize with an awful lot of your positions, I really do.  The modernist nonsense, the watering down of dogmas, the near silence on the Four Last Things.  But guess what?  I'm not in charge!  The Holy Spirit is,..and just like every council before it, VII had its share of 'crazies' attempting to hijack it and misinterpret it.  The solution is not to take your ball and go home, but to remain a faithful son or daughter of the Church as She undergoes purification.  So despite all the crazy liberalism,..I'll still stick with Jesus's promise, because I, unlike you will never say that Jesus was mistaken. 

I am a Catholic, favourable to Tradition?  Yes but inside the Church.  The Holy Spirit has provided the FSSP, (By the way if someone can pin point the difference between the FSSP and the SSPX doctrinally, as the SSPX claim, I would be impressed,.. Remember it must be doctrinal!)  We also have incredibly faithful younger priests loyal to the Magisterium and beautifully reverant celebrations in Ordinary Form as well.  The Reform of the Reform is well underway.  In the meantime, you guys will continue to schism and schism, bit by bit, with 'Popes' Michael, Billy, Peter, Paul, Ace, Gene, Paul, George, John and Ringo... Each claiming universal jurisdiction by the way,.. On another note,.yes Truth is important,..but it can't be separated from Love my dear friends,.......so chill out!  Your anger at every last liturgical detail can make Michael Voris look like Mr Rogers!

Radical Tradies,..I hate Vatican II
Whacky Tradies,..probably hate you
Radical Tradies,..Latin Rules!
Whacky Tradies,..Not diggin' Baptismal pools,.

Radical Tradie,.. the Rome contestant,..
Whacky Tradie,..what I really am is an extreme protestant!


                                                My 'boy' Pope Michael keepin it real,........

Our Lady of Mount Carmel,...............Ora pro nobis!

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Fr. Jason Piper said...

It would seem to me that Blessed John Paul the Great made several infallible declarations in Evangelium Vitae and one in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis.