Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vatican Dark Forces and Conspiracies...

The impending reconciliation between Rome and the SSPX has hit a standstill.  It would appear that according to Bishop Fellay, Rome is suffering from a leadership problem.  Who is really behind all of this,..I'll give you a hint,.Pope Paul VI acccused this entity's stench of infiltrating the Sanctuary.  The stage has been set, and sadly this is nothing new.  Bishop Fellay did issue a comment that Archbishop Gus Di Noia's appointement to the CDF is a 'good thing.'  See here .  In the give and take political world, it would seem that Holy Father's wishes are being blocked by something so artificial, to not see this one is insane.  Di Noia is in,.but the Pope's friend, Bishop Mueller, a bishop with ties to liberation theology is heading it....Smart move?  You be the judge, perhaps the Holy Father is taking a page out of the Sopranos playbook, as Tony elevated his 'Uncle Junior to 'Boss' right?  Wink, wink,..hint hint.. At least that's what I think,. (and for that matter, that's what I would have done...)

Let's face it, where the Catholic Church goes, so goes the entire world.  If the Bishops are not teaching the True Faith boldly, and playing politics,. there goes the moral fabric of our entire civilization.  There is another religion all too ready to replace it!  (Allahu Akbar!)  Vatican II hasn't even really begun as we are still in a mode of reception, yet forces are trying to steer the bark of St Peter into an all too unfamiliar course.  Consider, the weirdness that has been going on,..  The Vatican lifts the excommunications of the Four Bishops from the SSPX, and restores the Extraordinary Form as not needing the Bishop's permission.  The imaginary 'vocation' crisis, man made by the Spirit of VII feminazi crowd,..has been somewhat neutralized and vocations are seeing an upswing thanks in part to Blessed John Paul the Great and his generation.  Under Pope Benedict, the reform of the reform has been put in place, and the last desire on his heart has been the reconciliation with the SSPX.

Sooo, last Septembre, the 'talks' began, to 'regularize' the 'irregular' condition that they were in, and BOY DID THAT CAUSE A S#&T STORM of epic proportions!!!  It seems that our ecumenism friendly crowd, let's call them the ecumentalists,.want to dialogue with everybody, except of course the schismatic catholics.  WOW, liberal priests acting like mini 'popes' declaring they will never follow a request for anything remotely orthodox, and we were entering the 'sin' of 'restorationism.  According to liberal priests, that one will send you to hell, (Even though they don't believe in hell,..a sin  like that makes God will hell into being instantly..)...So the doctrinal preamble needed clarification, and thus Bishop Fellay did that and according to sources there satisfyed the Pope.  So an offer was made for the SSPX to have the status of a personal prelature, as is the case of Opus Dei.  Next up,..Hans the Heretic, comes on the scene declaring that the Benedict would invalidate himself should he reconcile!!!!  WOW!!!  Hans Kung, the interfaith 'specialist' seeking his own religion,..Kungistianity..

So Bishop Fellay fights his own internal battle with the schismatics, and their pride, all the while neutralizing Bishop Williamson and his revisionist history, while Pope Benedict deals with crackpot 'theologians' putting their two cents in.  The day arrives and after a two hour meeting with Cardinal Levada,..Bishop Fellay informs him that he could not sign, seems that Fellay's preamble, the one which satisfyed the Pope, was re written by the CDF to conform to the original Septembre version!   WOW!!  Cardinal Levada retires,. (then again he turned 75...)  If this does not have the making of an awesome HBO movie,..well I don't know what does!

In all seriousness, this potential reconciliation scares people.  Why wouldn't it?  With the SSPX onboard, the so-called 'Traditionalists' (FSSP, ICK),  will pack one heck of a punch and end up sending the modernist crowd into oblivion.  Where do I stand?  I think that's pretty obvious,..I 'think with the mind of the Church.'  Regardless of what you, I or anyone else may want, we are ultimately on the Holy Spirit's time and God will be done! 

Our Mother of Perpetual Help,.................ora pro nobis.


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