Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter to Heaven,..

The blog has been silent the last week,..the reason?  The passing of my Uncle and Godfather,..Zio Sabatino, aka Uncle Sam,.  What can I say about Uncle Sam?  He was truly a remarkable man and the closest to emulate St Francis as one could get.  His love of animals, undeniable.  (Especially for an 'old school' Italian man!) 

I apologize that this blog is taking a personal twist,..but I have not been able to adequetely think or put together any coherance with regards to the sudden passing of my uncle.  My last correspondance with him was two wednesdays ago,.. My words perhaps came off as harsh,..As I made sure he had my number if he couldn't get a hold of my dad.. .Uncle Sam you will be forever  remembered and immortalized through this post, (the reason I'm writing it..) lauched into cyberspace for eternity.  In Heaven, I know there is a bocce game happening, there are ribs on the BBQ,  and perhaps a little Tre Sept card game with St Peter later on,..

I hope that I can be even half the man that you are,..Your witness to love is a hallmark that any person who knew you would seek to learn from.  I can only imagine that as you entered Eternity,..three voices did you hear.  The first, 'Sabateeee!' was Nonna welcoming you,.the second was 'Hey Sam! an all too familiar greeting from Uncle Mario,.. and the third?  'Hey Babes!' (As you reunite with Auntie Jean after 9 years!),..Dad and I raised a glass to you yesterday, today and tomorrow will be the same,..Can't wait to see you again Uncle Sam,.. Miss you..


St Francis of Assisi,............................Ora pro nobis,..

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