Sunday, July 3, 2011


I recently experienced an epiphany.  It would seem that I have now seen the error of my ways and thus feel the need to emotively express myself with regards to this new change of direction.  The Church cannot be static, we must learn to dialogue and discern the signs of the times especially in light of the Spirit of the second Vatican Council. That includes rethinking the Church, the scriptures, gravity and yes,..Mathematics!  (What kind of bigoted closed minded intolerant, insensitive person still believes 2+2=4?  Can they be anymore backwards?)   I recently read the American Catholic Council's manifesto and was enlightened by the spirit of change!  I think it even spoke to me after using my new Ouija board!!!  I was so delighted.   No longer would I be shackled by oppressive Catholic patriarchal anti-environment substructure,..I am free to be me!  So that being said, let's pass the condoms, contracept ourselves into oblivion and prepare to tolerate and welcome our future Islamic state, Canadastan.  I mean after all we were so compassionate and tolerant to them as they emmigrated, that I'm sure they'll return the favour, we only misunderstand countries like Saudi Arabia and the Sudan,..beacons for human rights that we in the west discriminate against.  I mean every woman wants to dress like a ninja, especially in desert heat!  By the way,..drugs are good!

I think you get  my point.  Too often we are accused of not being 'open-minded'  Well,..the above paragraph represents a scenerio of being soooooooo open minded that your brain falls out.  My friends, objective truth does exist,.and it is found completely and in its entirety in the one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!  God Bless and to all the separated brethren,..discern that closed minded statement I just made and come home!

Pope John Paul the Great,.....Ora pro nobis..


Left-footer said...

Bishop Smirk has asked me to say that he is with you all the way until your last paragraph, which has lost him.

Another great post, Marco! Keep it up!

Mike said...

LOL! Wonderful! :-) do know how to make a point in an entertaining way, don't you? Heh.

Mathematics! (What kind of bigoted closed minded intolerant, insensitive person still believes 2+2=4?

That in particular reminds me of this quote:

"Indeed, I wonder that the philosophy of flux and relativity has not been applied to simple arithmetic. If we are to give changing and varied values to comparitively trifiling things like truth and justice and religion, how much more should there be liberty and progress for really important and inspiring ideas like four and nine and eleven? Might not the clerk gaze in rapt reverence at the figure three and see it evolve before his very eyes into something wider, something loftier, something larger than all this; say into 337? We have had a vast and varied production of evolutionary books. May we not look forward to a book on evolutionary book-keeping? Indeed, there have been some modern characters who have kept their accounts in this hopeful way, and whom tribal prejudice has sent to jail. They also had evolved a larger morality."

-G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, March 16, 1929