Friday, July 8, 2011

Optimusmastro issues a video plea to Fr Corapi,..


Anonymous said...

Mastro you're a tank,..when are we training?

Left-footer said...


Teresa said...

This is one area where I disagree. The Church is great but some of the people in it are not pure in their heart or motives as it seems to be in the case of Father Corapi. He is choosing not to be led astray by SOLT. His Order isn't looking out for the best interests of Father Corapi or the Church. Sorry, I've been screwed by the Church or it's higher ups at a Catholic University before so I understand where he's coming from. All I wanted to do was to prevent other women/girls from being sexually assaulted by this guy, like I was, and the college chose to play the cover it butt game instead of walking the walk and doing the right thing. And, this happened at one of the most conservative, Catholic colleges in the US, one you would never suspect of doing such a thing. But power corrupts and humans Fall.

He is still in the Church and as sad as I am that he will no longer be a practicing priest - yes, he will be a priest forever - I will support him in his future endeavors as long as it doesn't lead people away from the Church.


Marco said...

Point taken Teresa,..believe me,.I pray that I'm wrong! For me this is a nightmare. In the end, the Holy Spirit will prevail,..but the image Teresa,..a little sketchy no? (Anton Levay...)lol!!! God Bless