Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Time,..

The wheels are in motion and there's no turning back!  Optimusmastro is about to breath fire!  A few weeks back, I was in confession with my priest.  My sins are the typical sins a single man struggles with,..the only exception is the vitriolic passion/anger with which I lash out at 'institutional' Mother Church and Her bevy of effeminate clergy, priests, bishops all who sit idly by watching the flock go to hell in a hand basket.  My priest, who has been at my parish for about a year is solid, pastoral and has been charged with the task of steering our Church back on track after a near ten year assault by the so-called 'Spirit of VII' crowd brainwashing the faithful out of the Faith and straight into the (again) so-called 'social-justice' nonsense.  His challenge to me was direct, like St Francis,..go and rebuild my Church!  The project will be a Catholic bootcamp for men and boys.  Teaching men to be men.  It will feed the spiritual, physical and fraternal needs of men encompassing a prayer life of daily Mass and the Rosary,.physical fitness, including weight resistance training and hand to hand combat and finally lectio divina and recreation/fellowship.  You know what it won't have??  Television!  Our enemy is Satan and you wanna know how he attacks manhood?  PORNOGRAPHY!  We won't be doing any arts and crafts,.colouring banners, butterflies, knitting or exploring our feelings,..we are men, we will act like men, and train to be leader, provider and protector, the way our Lord intended us to be!

In the coming days/weeks and months, a donation box will appear in the blog, saying something like buy Optimus a protein shake.  The goal will be to purchase a country place style chalet maybe two with ample land to build a Chapel, an obstacle course and various other sleeping facilities.  If you can't contribute from time to time, then I ask you to pray a Rosary for this intention, that it may God willing, come true.  The way these retreats would work would be a complete absense of television, internet and any other distraction,..instead the focus will be manhood, discipline(physical, spiritual and mental) and fraternity.  It's time to take back the Church, and for the foreseeable future, it doesn't look like the institution in the Quebec or the West in general want any semblance or adherence to tradition.  So what do we do in a situation like that?  We prepare!!!!!!!!!!  The battle is on,..and just like Optimus Prime says in Dark of the Moon,..'It's time to take the battle to them!'

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers!  God Bless!


Left-footer said...

This is a great idea. Bravo and God bless.

I'll be watching out for the donation box.

Teresa said...

What a great idea, Marco! Bless you for your enthusiasm and determination to teach the faith to men and boys. God Bless.

Patrick Button said...

Great idea!

Christina Helena said...

Be assured of my prayer for this holy endeavor. You are a true knight in God's army. I am honored to call you my friend. You don't just sit around moping, you make real change and use the mind, strength, will, and intellect God gave you to restore His Holy Church and bring His people back into Truth. I am not in a position to make a large donation but I can pray a lot and contribute a little bit at a time! May God continue to inspire you and strengthen you forever. Amen.

Mike said...

Awesome. :-)