Monday, September 12, 2011

The Apex of Catholic Awesomeness

Well its official!!!!  Last Saturday night, Fr Tom Dowd was officially installed as auxiliary Bishop of Montreal along with Bishop Christian Lepine.  Since then I've been feeling like that scene from 'Goodfellas' when Jimmy Conway tells Henry Hill about Tommy getting made was like all of us getting made.  (Of course in the movie,..Tommy gets killed because of the Billy Batz thing..) Nevertheless,.I digress,.but am very happy for Bishop Dowd.  Can you smell it?,..The wind of change is upon us and solid men, guys who were inspired by John Paul II's invitation to discern Christ's will for their lives are now beginning to take their place in the Church hierarchy.  Fr Donald Calloway MIC remarked that Our Lady's Blue army is on the way,.and if there is one thing that these men have in common, that they are all orthodox!!!

So a shout out to Bishop Tom,..your a Bishop now, and thus in charge of shepherding souls home to Heaven.  There is a lot of work to be done, doubt about it, but with God's grace you'll do fine.  Montreal with God's help will once again return to her Catholic roots,.or 'Ville Marie' as she was known...

Bishop Tom,.........shepherd us!