Monday, November 28, 2011


Note,..This blog post is about politics, not individual muslims.  During a recent wave of youtube gluttony, I found myself watching several interviews with British lawyer turned Islamic nutjob Anjem Choudary.  His thoughts, yet were very clearly articulated and he did not muddle his positions, whether it be on Christians, the future of Europe and the West, and why he feels the Sharia would make the best solution to the world's problems..See here.

Now before we ruffle a few feathers, yes Christianity has had its share of crackpots and looney tune bigotry among its ranks,..luminaries such as Westboro Baptist, Bob Jones III, Peter Ruckman and even the late Fr Feeney used to advance fundamentalist ideology to the point whereby 'Judge not' was for the common folk, but these dudes would judge you straight to hell and would even question God Himself.  The point however is that both the secular and the religious called out their baffounry on the red carpet and truly made the effort to distance themselves from them.   The one common thread these wackadoodles all share is that they all once were the life of the party!  'Andy'(as he was known to friends) used to enjoy downing pints of beer with his buddies and as far as his sexual appetite went, well he can thank God there was no sharia back then because he would have been stoned to death!  Makes you kinda wonder whether his parents agree with his current ughhh,.'views' as an alternative to his previous lifestyle!

Choudrary is another story.  Raised in 'multicultural' Britain, he piggybacks off of his homeland's freedom of speech to advance an alternative ideology completely at odds with Britain!  Some might even argue completely at odds with Islam itself!  Peter Kreeft in his book, Fundamentals of the Faith, speaks about the beauty and simplicity of Islam, Pope John Paul II echoed the same viewpoint.  Irshad Manji is calling for the peace loving muslims, while Omar Brooks (another British 'dude') is sending people to hell for not being muslim!   As a Catholic, I happen to disagree on major doctrinal points regarding regarding the nature of God in Islam, but that is another story and another post. However I believe this issue is a problem within Islam because it lacks no human governance, they have no central authority to declare what is dogma and what isn't.  That being said, it can be argued that there is no true interpretation of exactly what authentic Islam is.  The moderates are branded Kafir and the Shia,..something else...

  What I believe is happening right now is essentially the Islamic version of both the protestant reformation and the enlightenment all rolled into one.  Islam, being the youngest Abrahamic religion is encountaring both secularism and full blown atheism.  Like Catholicism, Islam will have to undergo its own 'Vatican II.'  We are at a crossroads, Huntington's Clash of Civilizations or Edward Said's Orientalism?   As it stands right now, both are right.  Which one will win out?  That is the question!  As for Choudary, I respect his honesty in the same way I respected Jacques Parizeau's view of an independant Quebec.  At least they were honest...

Our Lady of Fatima,........ora pro nobis.

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Teresa said...

At least Choudary's honesty is out in the open so there is a way of measuring how much of a threat he poses to both Britain and the U.S. Robert Spencer and Peter Kreeft debated on whether the only good or peaceful Muslim a bad Muslim? It was an awesome debate. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. Unfortunately I think Islam is far too accepting of violence and oppression and is incompatible with civilized cultures such as in the West.