Friday, November 18, 2011

Benetton Ads, CAQ and a Friday Morning Qb...

Another news story elevating my blood pressure and causing me to lift heavier is the recent Benetton 'UnHate' campaign.  For those you living above the Arctic circle who haven't seen them yet,..well get your vomit bag ready because guess what anti-Catholicism is clearly the latest 'fall fashion!'  (Oh wait a minute, according to most secular media outlets its actually in fashion all year round!)  Click here!   It seems that humanity has sunk to a new low with this one.  So aside from being the cool thing to always bash Catholicism,.there is also a picture of an Imam in it,..which is why the 'left' is also condemning the ad.  Just sayin,..'  Hey mass media, there are more protestant ministers, teachers and coaches molesting children than there are Catholic priests doing it!  The stats are there.  Either way its wrong, but your discrimination is blatanly ridiculous!  See here!  What about teachers?  See here!  I made to link protestant sources on purpose, because well you sure as anything seem to turn a blind eye!  To conclude this point, whichever person, says uhhh, yeah,..but uhhhh de Pope dude is making out wit an arab guy,..uhhh,..toke,..toke,..cough,..cough,..they are not alluding to the kid problem, I say this,..GET A CLUE!

Francois Legault launched his new party CAQ, (Coalition pour Avenir du Quebec) this week, and already speaking of the media, they were quick to criticize it!  Yes, I know that my political rants are becoming less and less frquent, but sometimes it has to be said!  For my American readership, most members of the Quebec media, (even those who work for CBC ) are card carrying members of the PQ. (Partie Quebecois.)  Article one of this party is to seperate Quebec from Canada.  The party in power right now is Jean Charest's Quebec Liberals and because of construction scandals (Yes,.. can you believe it, the mob implicated in construction?  No!!) he is about as popular as the Holy Father at a gay parade.  The problem is that people don't want to vote for the PQ because separation is going the way of the 'Spirit of VII' crowd, extinction, so we don't  need to stir them up causing our dollar to be worth the same amount as a 'peso.'  The solution was Legault, himself a separatist, but the 'Rene Levesque' kind.  He called a press conference several months back and allied himself with Charles Sirois, a federalist.  The first thing they declared was that the separation movement is dead!  Which by the way is true, the only people not knowing it is some left of centre cegep (college) students who don't work and of course the Quebec media, who are constantly trying to give it CPR...So Legault now is considered a traitor and thus the media has criticized his logo,...Yes,...his logo...

I need to get to the States, I need my Cookie Crisp Cereal,...but then again, they have Obama,..

St Joseph,.......priez pour nous!

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