Friday, November 4, 2011

The Autobot Litany,..

The title can be a little misleading but I am a Catholic Cybertronian afterall.  Every now and then I step away from theology and Catholic issues to speak about Transformers, and finding the Catholic parrallels in them.  Specifically Transformers Generation 1.  Yup, can be safely said that despite my incredible superhuman strength, dangerous charisma, and ravishing good looks,..I am and will always be a geek at heart!  So as a little break from all things heterodox, today I will present you the autobot hierarchy and what Saint they remind me of!  Sooo, goes, Theology and Transformers!

Optimus Prime:  Much more than a regular Saint,.Optimus Prime is in many ways a Christ figure similar to Aslan the Lion from the Narnia series.  Among his attributes, courage, compassion and above all else self sacrifice for the autobot cause.  Those of us in our thirties will certainly never forget that powerful scene of Prime roaring into autobot city after the forces were depleted.  Optimus freely chose to give his life for what was right and true and in doing so, died.  Yet, as Megatron through Prime's death was defeated, Optimus came back to life to once again save humanity and the galaxy from the 'Hate' plague.  Images of 'Love' conquering 'Hate' resonate throughout Transformers.  Even as a kid, Optimus would offer insight and wisdom to a whole generation, the same generation which didn't quite grasp the idea of Optimus executing a decepticon in the life action movie.

Ultra Magnus:  Okay, admittedly this can get a little tricky, but Magnus for me always reminded me of St Peter.  Magnus was a superd general in the autobot army and like Optimus was ever ready to sarifice himself for the good of the cause.  Magnus lacked confidence the same way Peter the Apostle lacked Faith,..remember the whole walking on water from the Gospel?  Yet, still Peter was made the first Pope by Christ Himself.  Although Ultra Magnus was proven not to be the chosen one by the autobot matrix, (Rodimus) nevetheles, his natural leadership abilities made him retain his 2nd in command stature even after Optimus returned.  In the 'Rebirth' series this is evidenced as Magnus leads the defence of Cybertron. 

Rodimus Prime:  In many respects, I've always found a similarity between Rodimus and St Paul.  As Hot Rod, a case can be made that he was responsible for causing Optimus's death in the original movie.  Remember that in the NewTestament, Paul as Saul was a pharisee in charge of leading the persecution of Christians.  He (Paul) was even present at the stoning of Stephen, an early Christian martyr.  Saul was knocked from his horse on the way to Damascus experincing a vision of the Ressurected Christ.  Hot Rod was 'knocked' so to speak twice, upon Prime passing the Matrix to Magnus, Hot Rod touched it first thereby imprinting him.  As well, Hot Rod experiences his 'Damascus' moment inside Unicron when from the Matrix, Prime's voice is heard, 'Arise Rodimus Prime!'  Rodimus then becomes the central figure throughout season three, the same way that Paul becomes the central figure in the New Testament through his letters after Jesus ascends to the Father.

I will be blogging more often as of now, not making any promises, but am gonna try for twice a week, as I progress towards the discernment of the ultimate end.  Please pray for me. 

God Bless,....

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