Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pope Fiction and Media Nuttiness,...

     So it would seem that the media will soon be lighting up the message boards with a ‘This just in,..’ or better still, a ‘Breaking News!’  The story is that after a month of gushing from the social justice crowd, That Pope Francis in his Wednesday audience promoted the traditional roles of women as mothers and grandmothers.  The feminazis must be beet red with anger, their pantsuits crinkling with sweat from their furor.  (here)  Obviously in trying to separate Francis from Benedict, the media has all but covered every move the Pope has made, from the foot washing of the juvenile muslim girl yet covered up his positions on abortion, same sex unions, Satan, Confession(that’s biggie!) Eucharistic Adoration and Marian devotion.  Now suddenly, while the Traditional Catholics say ‘duh.’. the Traditionalists complain about his inexperience with the Extraordinary Form of Mass!  Pope Francis will soon be angering both the Rad Tradies and the Extreme Left, the media Honeymoon will soon be over.

     First off Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen!  Indeed He is Risen!  I hope everyone had a Blessed and Holy Easter.  Myself, this was truly a special Easter as it was my first as a Seminarian and sitting in the Sanctuary of the Church was a little surreal and a very intimate and spiritual experience.

     I haven’t blogged since the Easter season, busy with prayer, the Triduum and frankly upset and still hurting over the complete lack of respect shown to the Holy Father by so-called ‘Traditionalist Catholics.   I will not comment upon Pope Francis in any negative way.  Sadly, the Traditionalist movement has not reacted with the same obedience.  ‘But Marco, The Pope needs to,..blah blah blah,..’  Sorry.  The Pope is chosen by the Holy Spirit through the College of Cardinals, (not by consulting certain blogs!)  I for one, am not going to tell God what I think!  Instead, when I don’t understand something, (When Pope Benedict wanted to open a discussion with priests regarding Catholics and the issue of divorce in 2005,..) I take it as an opportunity for prayer and growth in personal holiness/sanctification. 

     We need to draw a distinction between a ‘Traditionalist’ as opposed to a ‘Traditional’ Catholic. A ‘Traditionalist’ to paraphrase a seminarian brother of mine, (Thanks Frank S) subscribes to an ideology. Any Catholic faithful to the Magisterium can rightfully be called a Traditional Catholic, although personally I tend to discourage the label and much prefer Catholic.  Catholic means that I accept the Teachings of the Catholic Church in Her fullness.  Truth cannot change, yet dogmas can and do evolve.  (We must remember that Aquinas at his time was nearly treated as a heretic for using Aristotle as his base.  The common school of thought was Plato and St Augustine.) 

To all the modernist heretics;

     The Pope will not ordain women.  This issue was closed in 1994, despite all the calls for the contrary.  The Pope can wash the feet of all the muslim women in the world, this act was done as a pastoral jest, one of service, not of ordination!  The media should have also said that the Pope is open to ordaining muslim girls to the priesthood,… Yup its that ridiculous!

     To all the angry whacko tradies;

The Pope will not repeal ‘Summorum Pontificum.’  Why would he?  The communities which celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form are growing in number, and their age is significantly younger than the people who frequent the Ordinary Form of Mass.  Why would he alienate a large part of his flock?  A Pope doesn’t undo what his predessesor does, he builds upon it!  Obviously this Pope’s charism is not Liturgy, (Monsignor Marini’s face being priceless, so far he has remained Master of Ceremonies) so I doubt this will be his priority. 

     To conclude, it will take some time for Pope Francis to learn how to be Pope.  Pope Benedict had his style, and Pope Francis will have his, in many ways the beauty of Catholicism!  To the modernist crowd, despite all your wishful thinking, no Truth will ever change, EVAAAAA!  To the RadTrads, if you don’t like something, sanctify yourself by praying and fasting!  Chill out and breathe!... In the end, its all about Jesus, not about our personal preference.

Our Lady of Fatima,.......................ora pro nobis!

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LeRoy Matt*ews said...

Replace * wit* *, OK?
Study my Letter on Diana@P*ilosop*
Jesuits are "T*e Society of Jesus"?
Cat*olics, etc., are taug*t t*at C*rist's name was Jesus?
C*rist's name WASN'T Jesus.
T*e Cat*olic Religion is a False "religion".
T*e Cat*olic C*urc* is a Fake "c*urc*".
Francis ISN'T t*e new "pope".
I no loger want, or need, a "vicar".
(To find my Letter, try searc*ing for Crazy Inbox 6498.)