Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saint Andre de Montreal.

Well,..this is my second post today and it will be one devoid of any comedy or sarcasm. Tomorrow, in Vatican City, Pope Benedict XVI will canonize Brother Andre and officially declare him a Saint. Born August 9th 1845, Alfred Bessett became the Holy Cross brother known as Brother Andre. Anyone from anywhere in the world who has taken a trip to St Joseph's Oratory in Montreal knows of his miraculous healings. One such healing occured in 1935, in the St Henri district of Montreal. Well at least the recipient of that miraculous healing was from that district. At the time, he was a newborn striken with an ear infection, and at that time medicine being what it was,..was well essentially limited if not primitive. Through the intercession of St Joseph,.the ear infection was cured.

A quick visit to the Oratory leaves any visitor marked with a sense of the sacred. Entering usually through the crypt,.praying at Brother Andre's tomb,.gazing at the multitude of crutches lining the structure reminds people of their Faith in God,.their Catholic roots and the solidarity of being strong in the face of adversity,..the Oratory well its just too awesome to condense into a few words. In the coming weeks, I'll delve into the Oratory of Montreal or Mont Royal and thus straight into the heart of the Canadian Catholic infrastructure....Ohhhh,..By the way, the cure I made reference to, the newborn,.he is my uncle Joe, a living witness to the power of the Faith of brother Andre.

St Andre,......prier pour nous.


Patrick Button said...

I had heard about the canonizations but I didn't know that one of the Saints was from Canada. One more for North America!

TH2 said...

Let's hope that now, with the canonization, some extra graces will pour down upon this poor country