Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's time to come home.

Okay a little weekend post here, something that I don't normally do. The last time I posted, it was an aggressive call to action! Now I appeal to your intellect. On fire Protestants need to watch this,.and luke warm Catholics can use it to bolster their Faith!

Now I'm a very ecumenical guy, but sometimes a video gets my attention so much that I have to post it! My beloved protestants/evangelicals/pentecostals/calvinists,..I'm not writing aggressively, all I'm asking is that you seriously consider the above video. One Church! The same Church that the Holy Spirit used to canonize the Bible! The same Church that gave you a moral code in accord with Natural Law! The same Church that has never changed Her doctrine, even when it becomes unpopular (Abortion/contraception). The only Church attacked inside and out,.but is STILL STANDING!!! Friends, ponder these things, pray and discern,..Western Civilization is under attack and only the Catholic Church has the antidote. It's time to come home!


Mike said...

Nice video. :-)

Angelo said...

First of all sorry for my bad English. Thank you for your visit and make you a follower on my blog. I found yours and I liked it. Good post ecumenical. A greeting and continue watching.

Thomas said...

Well done video! Great soundtrack too.