Saturday, October 16, 2010

Theology on Tap?,.....Nah,...THEOLOGY IN DA GYM!!!

Several weeks back an interesting thing transpired at the gym while I was working out, friend posed me some questions regarding the Faith and how to better integrate himself into it. You see, he is a young father, and to put it bluntly a man's man. That being, and we've all been there, sometimes going to Mass is akin to assisting at a children's television show. The trancendance and beauty of the Liturgy which still can be found in many parishes, don't get me wrong,..has by and large been replaced these last forty years with feminized clergy,.(yes even the priests) campy songs ripe from the silly sixties or kumbaya crap people liturgies(if you can call them that) from the seventies. While I was doing bicep curls, my buddy posed these questions, I'm not going to insult my readership by claiming there just happened to be a camera present,..but there was one on hand so we 're-did' the scene. The message that we are trying to convey is simple. We are men, we want truth, please don't force us to do things contrary to not only the Natural Law, but our characters as well.

Obviously, this is a two minute type snippet,..yet I think the message reasonates. The next time we as men are forced to look at felt butteflies in a Church Sanctuary while we tune up the piano and sing 'We got the joy, joy,.joy,.joy,. down in my heart,' ask yourself, if this is the Liturgy Jesus envisioned as pen ultimate worship. Then follow-up and ask yourself why a vocation crisis,.why a homosexual abuse crisis,..I think you've found the answers. ****Special thanks to John Babb and camera work by Anthony Gualtieri. Finally,..Yes. I definetely need a tan. ;)

St Joseph,......Ora pro nobis.

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