Thursday, October 7, 2010

Call to Action! (No,.not those guys,..err,..people,..whatever,..)

Once again kids I'm back and this time with a spiritual bazooka! A few posts ago, I mentioned that I went toe to toe with two faith-filled evangelical Christians regarding their (not God's) interpretation of Sacred Scripture and thus their drive by Christianity. Lo and behold I (again) got an email(anonymous) regarding the apparent tensions I caused in a particular marriage. It seems that I rocked the husbands world,.(meaning I mounted a reasonable defense of the Faith to cause angst)and thus he has been devouring works by Catholic scholars and finding that it makes sense. Can you imagine that!!! This women who asked me to be open minded, because she was charged with the task of getting me 'born again' is now angry because her husband is now open minded!!!Then came the Jehovah Witnesses...Yup, it seems everyone is entitled to their opinion, with of course the exception of an orthodox, metaphysically sound, rational belief in the Catholic Church!! That becomes akin to 'hate speech.'

Saturday night, I was speaking with my old pastor,.a gentle man, but one who is ultimately trapped in the nineteen sixties. For him everything is up for grabs, dogmatically,..there is no such thing as truth, only the human experience. Obviously for years, we were inundated with homilies saturated with marxist leftist calls for social justice(except abortion, or the gay agenda,..) and our liturgies reflected a laboratory experiment gone terribly wrong. The conversation although cordial was very laborious, he seemed quite angry.(Most liberals are...) We parted on good terms, and I said to him, that is authentic dialogue, where we are seeking Truth! Not just a warm and fuzzy appreciation of everybody's opinion. He nodded but seemed depressed by the very fact that my generation (by and large) of practicing Catholics are just that, practicing Catholics! Not dissidents!

The juxtaposition of these two events reminded me of why I started 'Confessions.' At first, I would talk about mostly issues regarding non-sensical stuff, (wrestling! hehehe..btw, I have a blog for that!) but more and more, 'Confessions' became the outlet for a thirty two year old man trying to reconcile his Faith with the world we live in,..sound familiar? It's VATICAN II!!! I felt angry in the morning, with people ignorant to the Faith, but troubled if not down right sad by the priest who lost his Faith. Vatican II is not about dissenting from the Truth, its about learning to present it in modern times! The attacks from the outside, indeed are troubling, but when they come from within, it can feel like a stab through the heart. All in all, I am beginning to once again feel tugged. I don't know what God has in store for me, because everyday is an adventure,..To conclude, I feel like I'm the living embodiment of that famous U2 song,..'I still haven't found what I'm lookin for...' Am I called to apologetics, inside as well as outside the Church? I honestly don't know.

Call to action time!! (No, not the group of aging hippies polluting the Faith of our neighbors to the south) Orthodox Catholics, we need to stand up and fight! Fight for our Church inside and out! Fight the culture of death on social issues, from the top down! (that means we start with Abortion.!!! No 'seamless garment' crap here!) We need to step up and vote candidates who do not suffer from spiritual schizophrenia,..('Uhh, I'm uh personally uhh against,..but uhhh I believe in the freedom of choice,..') You say you're Catholic? Fine, then start acting like it! Men,..we need to grow a set of balls! If your teaching catechism and presenting the tree hugging 'Mr. Rogers' environmental Jesus,..Get the f%&$ out!! How about 'Braveheart' as a Jesus model,..or better still how about JESUS (y'know, the Son of God?, The Second Person of the Holy Trinity?, Empty Tomb?,..That guy..??) as a 'Jesus' model. No longer will we tolerate 'liturgists'(that includes you 'spirit of Vatican II priests!!!) making stuff up as they go along, holding hands, having women 'religious' deliver homilies based on gaia, the earth goddess!
If you see a young priest or seminarian, encourage him! Pray for him, ask him if he wears a cassock, and tell him you'll write the Bishop of the diocese, we need good holy men to make it, not get sent to a psychologist cause they're 'rigid'or whatever,..they're actually CATHOLIC!

So there you go freako liberals, eat the pill! Heterodoxy is dead!! You want proof? Check out the Episcopalian Communion, if that doesn't convince you, should consider a lobotomy, you need one!


St Jude(patron saint of hopeless causes),........Ora pro nobis.


TH2 said...

Another beauty post, Marco. I very much like your clear, upfront style of presentation.

After reading your posts for a while, I find it interesting (as you have stated before) that many responses to your posts come via your e-mail rather than the comments section in the blog.

Does that liberal pastor you spoke to know that you operate this blog?

Marco said...

Yes, he does...Sadly like most 'Spirit of V2' people, they avoid confrontation especially when their 'rule' is challenged. (bully style)

Christina Helena said...

THANK GOD FOR MARCO. This post made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. People like Marco = hope.

Marco said...

Appreciate the comment Christina!! Believe me, no one has 'been there, done that' more than I. God must of had a sense of humour in finding me!! ;)

Teresa said...

Outstanding post, Marco!!

I am so sick of lib Catholycs distortions of social justice and other Church Teachings.

God Bless!

Marco said...

Thank-you Teresa!