Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Fruits of Selfishness

I, Marco/Optimusmastro the Cybertronian for years used condoms.  I was a product of the contraceptive mentality instilled by even my 'catholic' elementary school.  Oh sure, we were told that the ideal was chastity, (wink, wink,..) but as a precaution in came Sr Tai Chi McRaindance from the congregation for Ecological Native Spirituality to teach us sex education.  We've all been there, the banana, the lesbian nun with the brushcut and pantsuit that looks like it came right from the set of 'Goodfellas'...You know the scene where the wives are gossiping.  Thank God for my conversion, thank God for Grace, thank God for Theology of the Body, thank God for my mother,(a true St Monica..)...

Why the harsh attitude you ask?  Well, the stage has finally been set, we, the 'West' have finally driven the bus right off the highway and now all we can do is lessen the impact of our crash landing.  The US is supposed to lead us, the free world, and what we are witnessing now is the final decline of the Empire, and with them follows us, Canada, the great future muslim North....  It has happened before all throughout history, a breakdown of the family and traditional values sets up the stage for an economic collapse.  You think I'm sounding 'theological' or 'fanatically religious?' Fine, then let's go the secular root shall we?  The contraceptive mentality, you know sex without consequences, kinda like chewing but not swallowing, (makes perfect sense..) turns out has consequences after all!!!  Well whaddaya know!  The west, depending upon what stats are coming out is not producing children.  If we don't produce children, then there are no future tax payers subsidizing social insurance or social security as our neighbours to the South call it.  Therefore pensions will cease to exist, because there are no people to pay into them.  You figure the average family needs to produce 2.1 children JUST to stabilize.  One child to replace the mother, one to replace the father, and the '.1' is in the case of an accidental or unforseen handicap, death or sickness.  Well we haven't been doing that...sigh...In some cases, the birthrate for western children has been 1.3!!!!!!!!!  But don't worry, because the muslim family down the street, you know the one with 4-5 children, they will replace you!!!!!  (Hey they may even replace our laws with Sharia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!)  Isn't that multicultural?  Look how tolerant the Middle East is,..Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia,  true tourist destinations!....You get my point.

So Mr President, sadly I can't vote you out, but you have to be the most dangerous man is the world.  Your population control nonsense, H1N1 (Yup I went there...) tax payer Obamacare funding abortions,...Can the American people please stop drinking the cool aid?  If I get called 'rascist' Canadian one more time in an email,..I'm gonna scream! (along with personally fly down to either give you an education or if need be a serious lobotomy!!!!!!  If you seriously think a family, a normal family can be defined as two men in so-called marriage and a dog..then we need our heads examined.  Abortion is the norm?  So now the new thing is sex orgies, professional people engaging in them, a truly selfish society turning itself inward where the ultimate goal is to please the 'me' the 'I' and forget everything else.  As a history buff, I can't help but draw comparisons to the Roman Empire....sad really... Freedom begets choice and choice has consequences!  God has used other people to chastise His own,...Allahu Akbar, is coming,  wake the f@#$ up! 

Our Lady of Akita,.......................ora pro nobis!

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Patrick Button said...

Have you read America Alone by Mark Steyn? It's a good though depressing read.