Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Compromise or Balls?

I think I'll choose balls.  The reason is because I have a set.  Sifting through some email recently, an alarming trend started to surface, apparently I'm 'pro' reconciliation with the SSPX and that frightens some aging hippie 'catholics..'  Well, once again, although I've answered you all personally and you know who you are,..what is really cute is that your all 'pro' ecumenism,.or should I say 'ecu-mentalism' (except for the Catholics in schism)  FEEL that we might alienate the Buddhists or Zoroastrists should we welcome our brethren in schism back home.  You see, this is the fruit of their infallible 'pope' Hans the 1st, and his proclamation from a few weeks back,.. (see here) .  For the record, I am a loyal son of the Church, in all Her teachings... Like any sinner, I have difficulty following some, but Trust in Jesus to lift me back up again when I fall.  I desire reconciliation with all Christian groups,..not just the 'politically correct' ones.

That being said, the next issues were concerning my approach.  I'm considered dangerous and a loose canon,..well, a few years back, I would tend to agree!  I was angry, (could make Mike Voris look like a teletubbie..) rigid and unbending...Then something happened,..I actually read the Gospel!  What does this mean?  Well,.for one, Our Lord at times gets angry especially with those He loves,. ('Get behind me satan!' was directed at Peter), He also cleared out the Temple,.so hypocrisy caused Jesus to get just a little nervous... However, throughout His ministry on Earth, Our Lord was incredibly merciful and hung out with all the 'riff-raff' of His day!  Mary Magdalen? Check!  Zaccheus up in the Tree?  Check!  He meets them where they are, then leaves off with a 'Go and sin no more' challenge.  Yes, God is Love, and yes we need to find pastoral ways of reaching people, but 'pastoral' does not mean hiding the truth from them, even if the truth hurts.

Working in the fitness industry saw me deal with a wide range of people.  From obese to skinny, from athletes to the elderly.  If I gave them a 'cookie cutter' template program and sent them on their way, I would make money, but I wouldn't be doing my job.  People with diabetes need to be told that there blood sugar levels are out of balance, that they shouldn't eat the banana split that they are craving.  Overweight people need to burn more calories than they intake in order to drop weight.  If I withhold this kind of information while making money, I am a fraud and contribute to their decline in health.  People come to see me for a reason, because I will tell them what's what.  The same is true for the Church, especially concerning the souls.  As Catholics we need our priests to speak about abortion, or the gay agenda, if not, how will people know?  The media does an incredible hack job in articulating what the Church teaches, and sometimes the priests can deliver a homily which is nothing more than an exercise in ear tickling.  I know women who've had abortions, I have witnessed their pain,..I've even heard them say, they didn't realize it was going to be so traumatizing.  We need to cry with them, but we need to speak the truth so that it doesn't happen again.  The same holds true for people with same sex attraction.  The Church recognizes their pain, but their act is incredibly dangerous and a health hazzard.  Again, I know people who suffer, and alone they will tell you, they wish they didn't have this cross.   Again, to my detractors, I will gladly introduce you to any of these people,..people that wish they would have been told otherwise..

I use the examples above simply to illustrate a point.  If it is God's will that I, one day become a priest, I will preach on these issues.  Will I judge their souls?  No!!!  Only God can do that, and besides, me pointing a finger, always reveals three fingers pointing back at me.  People deserve to know the Truth, their salvation (and ours) depends on it.  I would hate to meet Jesus on Judgement Day, knowing that I witheld information for the sake of 'being nice.'  As I prepare for Southdown, I encourage everyone to keep me in their prayers.  I will not play a game, I've lived too much, and know how deadly the world can be...Hey, my Dad told me to eat my vegetables when I was a kid,..didn't like them, but now I thank God he told me what's what!

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati,............ora pro nobis!


Raising {& Teaching} Little Saints said...

Amen! I am so with you on the reconciliation of the SSPX! It will bring so much good to the Holy Mother Church AND lets not forget the Holy Father is looking for this union. Some might not follow Bishop Fellay, fine, but most will. Keep fighting the good fight...I love your blog posts!

Blogger said...

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