Monday, June 18, 2012

The Tomato Shirk,..

Another homerun for the 'religion of peace' making headlines recently is the fact that tomatoes are Christian fruits which worship the Trinity and not Allah!!!!!!!!  Yesssssss!  How awesome is that article?  I can only imagine the leaps and bounds as well as selective censorship and editing by left leaning 'news' outlets to not cover this embarassing story.  Well in a truly sad state of affairs this story finds its origin in a muslim group from Egypt.  Seriously you have to read this for yourself,.. See Here

Now to be fair,..once this story broke, receiving no news from the secular press,..(Amazing that the Pope can't tie his shoes without something negative being said,.but with Islam?  Noooo,..) going viral through social media sites such as Facebook, and Twitter, the group clarified its remarks,..'saying its okay to eat tomatoes, just don't cut them in such a way that it reveals the Cross....In the article, you can see the picture of the Cross inside the tomato, so by deduction that means that tomatoes are Christian and thus forbidden,.. (God bless this system of education, as it probably would cause Aristotle to develop a cocaine habit after hearing this, or at worse slit his own wrists..)  Now,.that this story is going viral expect an 'answer' from a whack a doodle fundamentalist 'Christian' group (who don't believe dinosaurs existed...) by the 'Minister' with his imaginery non accredited PHDs..  Finally 'atheist' mouthpiece Bill Maher will inevitably blame the Vatican,.because well, its the last acceptible prejudice.

My friends, I have said this before, that Faith without Reason becomes supersition.  Our Lord does not deny us education and as Christians we are not to live inside a fideistic bubble.  Theology is crucial, but must begin with a solid philosophical grounding,..if not?  Then how do we arrive at Truth?  Faith alone? (Westboro Baptist, Mormons,..etc..) Issues like this solidify my Faith, and can bring me to my knees thanking God for the Grace of being Catholic...So that being said,..Whether its Mohammed being grabbed by the throat by the 'angel Gabriel,' (Peaceful,. that should have been Mohammed's red flag right there..), Joseph Smith walking into the woods one day seeing the Father and the Son, or any of the Heinz 57 varieties of protestantism,..only one Faith is logical, only one still adheres to natural law,..that Faith is the one started by Jesus upon the 'rock' of Peter!

St Peter and St Paul,....................ora pro nobis!

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