Friday, June 15, 2012

Seminarian from Cybertron, fights Both Heretics and Decepticons!

With all the goings on happening inside the Universal Church, negotiations with the SSPX, discliplining of the Feminazi nuns and so forth, I figured that now is as good a time as any to give a little update regarding my situation, (as if I really  I have submitted my request to become a candidate to officially discern priesthood for the diocese of Montreal.  Last week, saw me meet with the admission committee of the Grand Seminary of Montreal, and from what I've been told, the meeting went extremely well.   The next step will see me going to Southdown in Ontario for a full psychological assessment, this is standard practise, as they want to make sure I'm sane.. Through various emails, I have been asked lots of questions, so I will do my best to answer them.  Once again I will pick a few and answer them online though 'Confessions' especially when some of them are kind of the same question just asked by different people.  Here goes!

Optimusmailbag Time!

1.  You seem to actively promote the Extraordinary Form of Mass over the Ordinary Form!  Why do you want to undo VII??  (This question was submitted to me by a parishioner at my home parish, who was made aware that I would be answering him through the blog.)

Ans:  I have answered this question before, but will do so again.  Your question is in fact two questions, not one.  First off, I grew up in the Ordinary Form and until a few years back had never been to an Extraordinary Form of Mass.  I don't promote one over the other, but what I do promote is orthodoxy and respect for Jesus truly present in the most Blessed Sacrament.  The Eucharist celebrated in the Ordinary Form never called for the priest to face the congregation.  For Christ to appear, the priest in a sense must disappear.  He is dead to himself, and acting as 'alter Christus' leads the people in worship with everybody facing east,..not the modernist feminazi drivel of 'he has his back to us..blah blah blah..)  The problem with most (not all) ordinary form Masses is sometimes the focus is people centered and not God centred.  The theology behind the new Mass, can murky the waters a little bit, emphasizing a more protestant understanding the Eucharist as meal, which while true, is the secondary aspect.  The Eucharist is first and formost a Sacrifice.  The priest acts as both 'priest' and 'victim.'  The silly sixties crowd hijacking the Council fear the Extraordinary Form because it is a much more disciplined form of worship which is totally God centered. 

The second part of the question is why I want to go backwards.  First off, VII is a pastoral council.  It defined no dogmas, but instead reaffirmed everything the Church has consistantly taught.  Saying that the true Church subsists in the Catholic Church is a more technical way of saying that the Church is the One True Faith.  Assigning degrees or potentials to other denominations or religions was the same way Aquinas looked at other Faiths,..(Summa Contra Gentiles).  An example of this is there is a significant degree of difference between Eastern Orthodoxy as opposed to Islam.  So in trying to figure out where they are, one has to see how much Truth (which is first and foremost Catholic) they possess.  While I do admit, some of the language can be interpreted as 'ambiguous' at best, and confusing at worst, the Church has reaffirmed Her position, that VII must be read it light of Tradition, not opposed to it.  Sorry to all the funky potheads from Woodstock, but your social justice marxism train fell off the tracks a long time ago.

2.  How do you deal with celibacy?

Ans:  From the standpoint of my conversion experience, and if you read my history..celibacy was not the problem, chastity was and is.  I led an active pagan lifestyle,..So it wasn't an overnight thing (Augustine's Confessions) and thus prayer, daily exercise, amending my diet, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Spiritual Direction, Eucharist, the Blessed Mother and simply put, trying to avoid occasions of sin.  If I fall,.then I get back up, basically Jesus slapping me saying I don't save myself, Christ does and this is God's reminder.  This issue will be with me forever.  I'm a man.  God did not take away my manhood.  If I see a hot girl, the first look is beauty, the second is lust.  As men we are wired that way.  Some dude tells you otherwise, don't tell him to see a priest, tell him to see a doctor! 

3.  Why the aggressive attitude?

Ans:  The priest is first and foremost a MAN!  So act like an f'n man!  Reading through the Gospels, I remember Jesus cleaning house when He needed to, (The Temple) St Peter cut a dude's ear off, and St Paul was well just a little different,..just a little..(kinda like 'Hawk' from the Legendary Road Warriors tag team).  The point is to intergrate all of our humanity and put it at the service of the Church.  Our Lord is pastoral, yet affirms Truth.  He meets people where they are, and then says to them 'Go and sin no more.'  Too often our male catholic experience of Fr Fruitcake colouring his little felt banners and adorning his sanctuary with butterflies and crap like that is an affrontery to his very office.  Why is the Extraordinnary Form attracting men?  The same reason the Martial Arts and the Army do,..  If you can't figure that one out,..then you need a lobotomy...

4.  If you become a priest, will Optimusmastro die?

Ans;  No, but he might become Rodimusmastro instead.  Optimus was always cool under pressure, the ideal leader.  Myself, though I'm a huge Optimus Prime 'mark' I have too many weaknesses,..tempermental, emotional, insecure..basically a Catholic hot head!,...  Maybe I'll be assigned a parish with a priest who will have the qualities of Ultra Magnus to guide me? ;) 

Off to book Southdown!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

St Augustine of Hippo,.........................ora pro nobis!


Allison said...

God bless you in your discernment!

I especially liked this, " The Eucharist celebrated in the Ordinary Form never called for the priest to face the congregation. For Christ to appear, the priest in a sense must disappear. He is dead to himself, and acting as 'alter Christus' leads the people in worship with everybody facing east..." If people would just meditate on this it should become clear. It's about God...not us.

Left-footer said...

Excellent explanation, and I echo Alison's comment on the 'disappearance' of the Priest.

I shall be using your argument. Than you and God bless!