Friday, June 8, 2012

The Shakeweight,..Ultimate Symbol of a Sick Culture

I struggled whether or not to write this post, because something happened this morning as I was heading back from training.  I stopped at Walmart to take a look at the prices of kettlebells for a priest friend of mine, and lo and behold I got hit with a major dosage of reality.  I used to laugh at the shakeweight, its on the shelf in the fitness section, but this time there was a young mother and a child...(Not to mention one 'shakeweight' out of its packaging on display...

So here I am,.just finished getting strangled at the Gracie Barra Academy, when I decide to stop at Walmart, they opened, eight-thirty in the morning (ish)...  I didn't really notice, but the little girl picked up the 'shakeweight' and made the 'exercise' motion with it!  (I won't go into detail,. we've all seen the commercial)  The thing is, she started giggling!  She couldn't have been more than 8years old and she knew!!  Her mom was laughing and I was getting scared she was probably the one who taught her!  I couldn't take it so I created an excuse to speak with her (mom) and said I was a trainer and that she's be better off with a kettle bell...She didn't buy any of them, but I left with this issue on my mind...

Yesterday, when I was asked by the admissions committee at the Grand Seminary if I realized what kind of world and culture I would be ministering in, I answered matter of factly,..this morning, I lived it!  Sex is a natural impulse, but ultimately a disordered one.  Think of always wanting to 'chew' without swallowing.  The same is true for sex.  Divorcing the act from its source Love, it gets turned inward, reducing it to a purely pleasurable physical activity.  I know.  Been there done that.  I prayed for that little girl and her mom, that Jesus may lift the veil from their eyes and their hearts be open to true love.  Then I begged God for mercy, because people like me used women as playthings and I saw the fruits of my lifestyle.

St Maria Goretti,...............ora pro nobis!


Young Canadian RC Male said...

Well thank goodness you had the excuse of being a trainer!

You were doing a good spiritual deed Optimus by using your "credentials" as it were to cause a mother to stop brining her own daughter into an occasion of sin.

Sucks that we can't even trust our own parents these days to bring us to the Lord, even our Catholic ones.

Young Canadian RC Male said...

Ouch, didn't finish reading the rest of your post before my last comment. What's important is that you have now turned away from that lifestyle so many young adults partake in.

Better, yet, demonstrating real courage and humility in realizing you partook in that kind of lifestyle, admitted to it, and have chosen to stand up for men for once by changing yourself anew, and against men who make us all look bad with their lothario ways. You are definitely blessed that Lord Jesus came to you and lifted your veil from your eyes.