Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Thoughts and Apologizing for Apologetics...

First off, the Habs! What can I say?..We beat the Bruins 4-3 by shootout in a game which the first period we looked the Red Army. Needless to say the second and third periods were competitive. With 48 seconds left in the third period Carey Price was beaten by a crazy bounce off the backboard to tie it all up. Honestly I thought that the Montreal Forum ghosts of Saint Catherine and Atwater were playing tricks on us,..but alas, all ended well, and so the gods/Francophone media were appeased...

Nowww,..on to something totally different. I(Marco) am a Christian. Not only that, I am a Catholic Christian. Believe it or not, a Catholic Christian of the Roman rite! Therefore a Roman Catholic Christian! (no, I'm not mimicking Elvis Gratton's airplane scene from 'King des Kings,' I'm just stating my Theologial identity.) In my spare time when not working, I also engage in Catholic Apologetics,.or defending the Faith with humility and pastoral sensitivity especially while living in a multi-faith society. The last two, I sometimes need to work on especially in light that I possess Italian temperment. I am a sinner, I need Christ. I need Christ's Redemptive sacrifice on the cross,.I need grace. Later on, I will preface this story,(my story) and if anyone can draw parallels, I would invite them to communicate with me through email.

Until later, its been a treat, but I gots to jet!


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