Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update,..this just in...

Soooo, now that everything is settling in, the actual results are 50 seats for the Bloc and 76 for the Liberals....Okay now the Quebec analysis. For any American readers, Quebec presents itself as a complex riddle when it comes to Federal politics. First off, the nationalist flavour of 'La belle Province' can be a little bit hard to read. The island of Montreal which generates Quebec's economy is usually pretty safe territory for the Liberal Party and last night proved no exception. Justin Trudeau, the son of Pierre Elliot (former P.M.) captured the riding of Papineau and starting rolling his political snowball career into motion. Quebec City regions held on to their Tory incumbents with the notable exception of Luc Harvey who lost the riding of Louis-Hebert. Other notables were the defeat of Micheal Fortier in Vaudreuil-Solanges who was expected to win at the start of the campaign, but saw his lead evaporate when Harper annouced cuts to the 'Culture' sector. Thomas Mulcair won his first federal general election for the NDP in the riding of Outremont which can be seen as a breakthrough that can be built upon.

As a Quebecer, what does this all mean? Well, suffice to say that it was a great day for Federalism, as even the seats the Bloc won were by and large the result of vote splitting. The Federalist camp is spread across the board while the Separatists(notice I don't call them sovereignists!) have only one protest party. For Canadians across the board, this election cost 300million dollars and we end up with pretty much the same result.

In other news, tonight, the Habs face the Bruins at the Bell Center and another McCain/Obama debate, about must see TV!

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