Thursday, October 16, 2008

TNA; Professional Wrestlings' closest thing to an Abortion.

Now I know that I might anger a lot of so-called wrestling fans out in cyberspace, but I feel the time has come for me to make a comment about this cra...err,
I have been a wrestling fan since as long as I can remember going back to the NWA, AWA, and WWF. International Wrestling was a staple in our house Saturday afternoons and eventually that gave way to WWF Mapleleaf Wrestling. For myself, the NWA was wrestling. Ric Flair, the Four Horsemen, Magnum TA, Dusty Rhodes, and the Road Warriors(LOD) all had a place in my heart. By the time 1986 came around, NWA was hard to catch in Canada, so all we had was WWF, what a show!!!(but it just wasn't wrestling..sigh..) Alas, I succumbed to peer pressure and became a Hulkamaniac. This was right around the time of Wrestlemania 2.

By the time, I got to Cegep(junior college), I started getting involved in some of the local independant wrestling companies, (the inception of IWS, CWE...)I have always been a fan and will always be. Fast forward to 2001, Vince McMahon buys WCW(thank God!) and finally puts it out of its misery thereby contributing less to cable TV pollution. In 2002, Jeff and Jerry(his Dad)Jarrett,(that's J,A,haha,double R,E,haha,double T) opened up Total Non-Stop Action wrestling. Originally, the company was part of the NWA(National Wrestling Alliance)and had exclusive rights to the heavyweight title. The Title goes back to the days of Frank Gotch. The idea is a good one, to showcase wrestlers who might not make WWE(WWF)and help break them into the business. What they created instead was a separate division, the 'X' division and are attempting to totally discredit the industry. Wrestlers in the X division perform ludicrous high spots when the match hasn't even told a story yet from a psychological point of view,...Example, the bell rings, and the heel(bad guy) gets a kick to the gut. This gives enough time for the face(good guy) to set up a barbed wire flaming table, and deliver a corkscrew piledriver from the top rope through said table. What's the problem you asked? Well the guy who sells the move will kick out at TWO!!!Repeat this nonsense for twenty minutes, different high spots 32times over and then have the face(or heel) set up his finisher, probably a bodyslam and get the pin! Where the @#$% is the psychology?!? Why would you pay money to lead up to a big match if every match is gimmicked?

The Heavyweight division is for the WWE throwaways, alumni, Kurt Angle, Christian, and now Mick Foley!(who hasn't wrestled a full schedule since 2000...)
Since splitting from the NWA, they also are 'revolutionizng' the industry back having a six sided ring. C'mon all you smart marks, it looks horrible! To all the TNA fans, get real!!! WWE is wrestling and will continue to dominate. Hopefully Christian will regain his common sense and go back to Vince. TNA can only be compared to WCW at best, and should grateful to be allowed to exist on the same continent as WWE.



Rex Venom said...

That has to be one of the best titles for a post I have ever been poked in the brain by!
Rock on!

Marco said...

thanks man, a few local independant wrestlers agree, just won't say it publicly.