Thursday, October 30, 2008

Falardeau follies,..a few days late

I wanted to touch on this earlier in the week, but was distracted by other more important things. Nevertheless, Quebec's answer to Don Cherry popped up in the news this week, when he called David Suzuki,"un Japanouille..." Pierre Falardeau, a Canadian filmmaker(yes, that is what it says on his passport, CANADIAN) and cultural curiosity is somewhat of an iconic figure among die-hard separatists. Now, I'm not talking about a family member or friend with nationalist leanings that you could have a legitamite debate with,..I'm talking about a full-fledged kook who is pissed off about the Battle on the plains of Abraham, and is still looking for a rematch. Sadly, the separatist movement harbours these nutjobs and gives them active membership in the Parti Quebecois. It is sad really, 'cause most separatists I know, really don't dislike Canada, they just see Quebec Independance as a way to affirm their cultural identity( I of course disagree, an independant Quebec after inflation with no trade partners might as well be named Quebexico) ....As for David Suzuki, he was upset that the Tories took as many seats as they did in Quebec despite the cuts to arts, and of course Harper's less than apparent environmental disposition.

Every one has a right to their point of view. I, or for that matter any other person might disagree, but we have to respect a person's opinion. What I don't respect is a clown using federal funding to subsidize separatist propaganda then complaining when the Feds won't give him money.(15 Fevrier 1839) Yes, Mr Falardeau is entitled to his opinion, but next time watch as how many left-leaning 'tolerant' students attend his lectures at various cegeps. I would love to see him meet the Phelps family from Westboro Baptist.

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