Friday, October 24, 2008

Not exactly the Monday Night Wars,....

Scott Hall suddenly shows up on Nitro in May of 1996, this of course led to a series of events catapulting the NWO into the forefront of the prowrestling industry. Yesterday, Jean Charest's Liberals raided the Action Democratique du Quebec and came away with a few new faces. Wow, if only politics were like wrestling,..well in retrospect they kinda are. Now I know what your thinking, (how cute,..Marco didn't take his meds today..umm)but upon closer inspection can we not draw upon the analogy?

The history of the main parties in Quebec for the last 40yrs is very comparable to the NWA(WCW) vs WWF(E) wars of the last 15yrs ending in 2001. (Please don't email me saying that TNA is a serious threat to Vince, is nothing more than a carnival-esque side attraction which should fizzle out in a few injuries,..err,.I mean years.) The Parti Quebecois represents NWA. Mismanaged, poorly organized, a collection of political ideologies across the spectrum from the center-right approach of Bernard Landry and Jacques Parizeau to the socialist leftist views of Pauline Marois. Of course this reflected their governing style as the PQ's last government had three(3!!!) ministers of health. The point being is that this what we would call more of a coalition than a party. Everyone was assembled based on article 1 of the PQ platform, to achieve Quebec Independance. (On a side note, is that even the PQ is divided on the issue of separation, some favour an economic and political partnership with English Canada we could easily call open federalism, while others favour outright Independance.)

The Quebec Liberal Party is like WWE. A tight ship with clear objectives, namely good governance. Claude Ryan, (Vince McMahon Sr.) and Robert Bourassa (Vince Jr)are two people associated with this party. Although 'Liberal,' it is actually more center-right especially under the leadership of Jean Charest. Staunchly federalist yet nationalist at the same time, and trying to attract foreign investment for the province.

The Action Democratique represents WCW. Although in reality the ADQ sprung out of the Quebec Liberal youth wing, in 1995 it sided with the 'Yes' option. Mario Dumont (Eric Bischoff) represented a right wing approach to the Quebec question. He favours big business and Harper-style social conservatism. Mr Dumont furthers his own schizophrenia by labeling his party 'autonomous' in regards to the Quebec question. The last provincial election saw the ADQ come in as the official opposition in a minority liberal government.

Okay, that I've prefessed that long piece of nonsense, (thereby cementing my readers' aforementioned conclusion that 'yes',..I do have ADD...)I can get to the meat of this week. To start, the speaker of the House resigned (Michel Bissonet). It is customary that a speaker be chosen, usually from the sitting government to replace him. The PQ got together with the ADQ to support Francois Gendron without the government's consent. (Remember this is a minority government...) To retaliate, the Liberals raid two ADQ members, Pierre Michel Auger and Andre Riedl. What 's next stay tuned!...

To conclude, if you think politics are boring just imagine Jim Ross and Jerry 'the King' Lawler on commentary! It's much more interesting than you think!!!

(oh yeah,..Lucian Bouchard is akin to Jeff Jarrett, an opportunist willing to jump ship whenever he can!!!...)

See ya.

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