Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To be the Man,.....Whoooo!

Okay, got your attention? Now there is nothing like a Ric Flair type promo to grab someone's interest and keep it. Irregardless of the content, an individual's curiosity factor will be peeked thereby allowing the salesman time for his/her own pitch to the masses. As this blog takes shape, it is becoming painfully obvious that I wear my faith on my sleeve. Now this does not mean that I am a saint, I struggle everyday with issues of morality and belief. So what you ask? Is this becoming a Catholic blog? Well not quite however I will be putting up links of interest that I enjoy...but first coming soon,...

MASTROPOLOGETICS: Very simply this is apologetics for the Catholic Faith done without the timidity of holding back Truth! Imagine a dude wearing a KISS t-shirt, with 16"(me!...hehe) arms speaking about such issues as Islam, the rising secular tide, how to dialogue with a Jehovah's Witness. It'll be witty, fun, hopefully inspiring (God willing!)and thought provoking.

Saint Michael's Brigade: A men's group for Catholic men, dealing with men's issues. Our mission is clear; Pornography must be destroyed, and we (men) need the necessary training to do it! It will include prayer,diet, weight training and honesty.

These are just two things that will be coming soon!,.BTW, expect a clothing line for both endeavours! be back in a bit...

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