Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Results Are In!!!

Wellllll,...once again Canadian politics prooves that watching paint dry is not the most boring activity. To sum it all up,. The Conservatives win another minority government. Before I do the breakdown of Quebec, the House of Commons as of 1:30am this morning looked like this;

Conservatives: 143 seats
Liberals: 78 seats
Bloc: 48 seats
NDP: 37 seats
Independant: 2 seats

To quote more than one political pundit, this seems to be a "groundhog day" style election, mirroring the last one. Elizabeth May of the Green Party became the only national leader not to win her riding, losing to Peter McKay, a conservative and heavy favorite. Next post will be the Quebec breakdown!!! Oooohhh Yeahhh!



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