Monday, October 27, 2008

China Exists,..despite the fact that I've never been there...

In my first post weekend blog, I would have loved to start off with something lite, Cyber Synday, for instance saw the return of the Honky Tonk Man to face the this generation's Chris Jericho in the form of Santino Marella. I must confess, however that due to unforseen circumstances, I missed the show.

I was sent an email from Father Joseph Lee FSSP regarding a recent 'Theology on Tap' presentation he had done, specifically on the existence and activity of the Angels. Sitting at a Tim Horton's was myself, my girlfriend and a seminarian friend of mine. This of course, became our focal conversation which lasted well over an hour much to my girlfriend's contained enthusiasm!!(Sarcasm...) It would seem that our sophisticated world of 'Descartian' nonsense has given way to ridiculous conclusions. Bill Maher for example in hollywood only furthers his own ignorance by equating rationalism with atheism. Perhaps his feeble intellect concludes that chaos can bring about order, I mean I believed that once, but soon realized my room wasn't about to clean itself!

Back to angels,..and specifically the question, do angels exist? To that I resoundly say YES! But how do we know? Well by two ways, induction and deduction.(shout out to St. Thomas Aquinas!) Ooouuhhh, I can almost hear the groans through the internet. So let me simplify, St Thomas in the 'Summa' looks at the universe and concludes from 'Absolute Being'(God) all the way to 'rocks' there are gradual degrees. For example, a rock is inanimate matter, it just sits there, plants are animate and they grow...beasts (animals) grow and sense, man will grow sense and reason therefore is both body and spirit,....and then there is a big jump to God or Absolute Being. We can know that a piece of this puzzle is missing, therefore conclude that there must be pure spirits who are created possessing perfect knowledge. That being said, if we throw a little 'Revelation' on top of that, St Paul states that our battle is not against 'flesh and blood' but against 'powers and principalities'(two of the nine choirs of Angels).

Faith aside, why even in some liberal circles of the Church are the existence of Angels openly questioned? I would argue that because we live in a sensual world, that is if we don't see it or experience it, it isn't there. The Church would not sanction prayers to St. Michael if he were just a literary device as some 'progressive theologians' put it. All in all, I'm glad for the existence of angels, too often I've screwed up, thank God I have a guardian looking out for me.

So there you have it, the 'unforseen' circumstances,..angelic talk over coffee. In future posts, I will speak on the intelligence of angels as well as the demonic.
Annnd that's the bottom line,..cause MARCO said so! (glass!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Hello MArco!

Nice! I really like the humour you bring to big questions and answer to them simply so that anyone could understand.

Keep doing the good work!

I hope we will be able to continue our discussion on the angels soon.