Saturday, February 11, 2012

Football Heresy

NFL has come and gone, with the Giants champions overs the Patriots.  Yet, within the theological arena especially inside ecumenical circles, the phenomenon of Tim Tebow is still going strong.  Tebow set an incredible Christian witness across North America with his sideline prayer by taking a knee.  Admittedly his act of 'Tebowing' left nobody indifferent and one must wonder out loud if Tebow was a muslim would anyone really care if he prayed to God publically?  Probably not.  Tebow has been a very outspoken critic of abortion and the same sex marriage debate earning the respect and admiration of not only his fellow evangelicals, but also countless numbers of Catholics.  Now that the ecumenical political correctness is over,..let's cut straight to the chase,..Tim Tebow adheres to a heretical sect of Christianity, which views the Catholic Church as counterfit.  Gloves off,..time to respond!

Bob Tebow, Tim's dad, runs a ministry in the Philippines which seeks to 'evangelize' Catholics.  See here.    Now, while it is true that some Catholics are 'cultural' and do need to meet Jesus,..I firmly believe that it is high time we step up and meet the challenge of this non sense.  Evangelicals are cute, they really are, they do an awful lot of good!  However we need to start evangelizing them!!! Show them the fullness of Christianity in all its glory, the contemplative, the charismatic, we have it all!! All rooted in the most Holy Eucharist,.the source and summit of the Christian life!  We as Catholics need to head to the bible belt in deep south USA, bring these souls home to the Eucharist, and then using their zeal,..confront the secular and muslim world! 

Next time we meet an evangelical/Fundamentalist/whatever name,..drop a bomb,..As in 'Dude,.sola scriptura isn't even in the Bible bro!,..The first 350 years of Christianity existed without a set in stone New Testament, do you know these 27 books are inspired?  Did ya get a warm fuzzy feeling?,..Cause y'know Joe Smith got one too when he walked into the woods and found the Book of Mormon,..right?'   Did ya know Luther and Calvin were both Catholic priests and venerated the Blessed Mother?  They even still venerated Her after they schismed off!  Did ya know your 'Old Testament' canon was formulated by a Jewish council in Jamnia in AD 90?  That's why the deuterocanonicals are missing!'

Am I being harsh?  maybe, but sometimes a tough love approach has to happen.  These are good people who handicap their intelligence by saying stupid things!  Peter Ruckman?  C'mon!!  He was eaten alive by Karl Keating and yet, the fundamentalist Church where the debate took place actually posted it on Youtube!  Dr Jack and Rexella,..well God bless them,.they're,..well,..nice.  Kirk Cameron,.dude seriously?  I mean seriously?,..You want to debate the existence of God with your banana?,..Here try Bertrand Russell vs Fr Copleston SJ,.See here.  

So Tim Tebow, Bob Tebow, Shawn Michaels, the Baldwin brothers, all you well meaning evangelical pastors, leaders, missionaries.  As Catholics we have it all!  There is a 'fit' for all your spirituality,..time to stop eating baby pablum and bite into a theological filet mignon!  Are there bad examples?  Yes, the Church is not a hotel for saints, is a hospital for sinners!  For every scandal, there is still a Mother Teresa!  For all the corruption, there is still a Blessed John Paul the Great,..and for every well meaning believer, there is still Jesus Christ, substantially present in the most Holy Eucharist!  Come Home!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,............Have mercy on us!

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